Candice Christian’s New Erotic Romance.

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Dina and Brittany, a couple of plain Jane’s, are college freshman roommates. Both girls haven’t much in the way of a social life, until Brittany shares a secret with Dina

Dina is working her way through college. The experience has not been pleasant, partly due to her plain Jane appearance and her lack of any social life.

Brittiany is Dina’s roommate, and only friend, and shares much of the issues as Dina. They have lived for several months as roomies, in a platonic relationship. Until Dina returns to the dorm after working a late shift at her job.

The evening becomes an epiphany for both girls caused by a secret Brittany shares with her roommate. The girls start a journey into a lifestyle that leads them on to become women, and lets them shed their school girl personas.

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A brand new story, releasing this week, Honey in Your Hips, from Candice Christian.  An interesting tale of a brand new intern, also a lesbian, assigned to a big city urban hospital  ER. Her first Friday night alone is life changing in so many ways.

Tiffany Donner, feels more like an Army Medic than a doctor as victim after victim of drive-bys and gang war shootings are brought in for her to work on.

The ER team are suspicious of the white, small town doctor, and her perceived ‘aloof’ manner, which adds to the tension Tiffany must face.  It’s very difficult to perform well when the team you depend on, are leery of you. Earning their respect is going to demand she earn their TRUST.

Then there is the small need for female companionship. From Tiffany’s perspective resolving that issue seem unlikely any time soon.

‘Pornographic Priestess’ – Candice Christian

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Jess walked up to Elizabeth and handed her a suit they

had selected for the befuddled teenager.


 Elizabeth looked in puzzlement at the bathing suit that

Jess had given her. “What funny looking underwear,” she

thought in her alcohol-induced haze. “This must go

underneath the suit,” she thought, as they helped her

into the strangest and absolutely the briefest garment

she had ever seen. After it was on, and she saw no one

else bringing anything from the back of the store, did

she realized that this was the suit.

It consisted of a series of dark red elastic straps

and very small patches of fabric which covered her body

in thin vertical strips. The very narrow crotch strap

expanded into a small triangle of fabric which barely

covered her pubic area and, thanks to the narrow thong in

back, her firm buttocks were completely exposed. Each

breast was only covered in the center by a vertical one-

inch strap. The elastic material of the crotch band

running underneath the suit was very tight, putting a

constant pressure on her strangely sensitive pubic area.

In fact, the whole suit seemed to the dazed teenager to

be about two sizes too small. The only thing holding it

all together was the unusual way the straps were all tied

behind her neck.

She noted vaguely that the suit had a surprising

affect on her. It made her feel very sexy!


Carefully primed by the seductive effects of the

lotion, Elizabeth no longer fought to escape her

predicament. Mindlessly, she moved now to only to

enhance the effects of the intruders within her.

The orgasm struck with a devastating fury on the

helpless blonde. Her knees buckled and she would have

fallen if Monica and Jess hadn’t been there to help her

remain standing. Her chest heaved as her tortured lungs

fought for air, while her pulsing vagina held Jess’s

intruding fingers in a vise-like grip.

“OOOooohhh!” Elizabeth moaned in ecstasy as her body

started to recover from her climax. The terrible

building of sensations within her had been finally

checked, and it felt wonderful to her.

Her feelings of relief quickly died however, when she

felt herself being built-up again! This surprising

revelation was destroyed with the onslaught of her

quickly induced second orgasm. Her young body drained of

strength, she could only collapse on the ground and wait

until the powerful sensations radiating from her crotch

and anus finally died down.

But the sensations did not die at all. The two women

quickly flipped the helpless teenager on her back. Jess

positioned herself between Elizabeth’s splayed thighs and

started to lick the girl’s oiled labia.

Monica moved the chairs out from underneath the

umbrella, and then knelt directly over the girl’s face.

She lowered her hips until her shaved pussy was

suggestively rubbing Elizabeth’s lips.

The befuddled Elizabeth started to tentatively kiss and

lick the strange lips now pressed against hers, not

knowing what person with the strange face and even

stranger breath was on hers. Her dazed mind was further

stunned when she realized in her confusion that each of

her efforts was answered by a very pleasurable sensation

coming from her crotch. “My God!” she thought. “I’m

licking myself! Talk about cool!”

Elizabeth used her hands and held tight to the moving

hips over her head. She placed her mouth firmly on the

vulva above her and wouldn’t let go after that. Her

mouth became more and more enthusiastic as the answering

sensations continued to build from below. She had no

idea how such a thing as being able to lick yourself was

even possible, but she was determined to take advantage

of it while it lasted. She kissed, nibbled, sucked,

tongued, and generally had a wonderful time with, as she

thought, making love to herself.

Jess kept the writhing teenager in a near-constant

state of climax as she continued her expert cunnilingus

on the vulnerable pussy. She teased the erect clitoris

without mercy and she inserted her tongue deep into the

tight, hot passage of the girl’s vagina.

Monica fondled her own breasts as her jerking nude

body rode the whirlwind of the teenager’s voracious

mouth. Her mind was totally blown from Elizabeth’s highly

enthusiastic version of oral sex, and she could only

mutter occasionally, “I’m in love! Oh, God! I’m in


Jess’s efforts finally reduced the passion-racked

Elizabeth to one final joyous spasm, then blessed

unconsciousness. Long before, Monica, totally spent

after her fifth orgasm, had to tear herself away, for the

sake of her own sanity, from the deadly mouth below. She

crawled nude to one of the nearby chairs and collapsed on

it in total satisfaction.

Before she went to sleep, Jess heard her clearly say,

“Phew! That kid is dynamite!”

Jess made sure her friend was protected from the sun

before taking care of the prostrate Elizabeth. She placed

the girl into another chair and dragged it alongside

Monica’s underneath the shade.

After making sure that all was well, Jess went into

the house for a bath, a martini, and a few well-deserved

orgasms of her own.


Hot for Teacher!


‘Hot for Teacher’ Soccer Mom Kelsey discovers she has a crush on her son’s teacher, Ashley.

Kelsey and Ashley from ‘Hot for Teacher

Kelsey Sorenson hurried around the house trying to get ready for the first parents’ open house. Her mother was coming over to watch her six-year-old son, Christopher . She glanced at the notice from his teacher lying on the desk, confirming the presentation started at 7:30 PM. The handwriting on the note was perfect with large sweeping letters: Ashley Larsen, Room 112, Oak Street Elementary School. She wondered if Chris’s teacher was an older woman or a green first year teacher. Noting the handwriting, it appeared to be that of a younger person. She often found she could read people by their signature. She knew schools often placed young teachers in charge of kindergarten and 1st grade classes. Kelsey disputed that wisdom, worrying that young children needed the know-how of an older, more experienced teacher.

 “Christopher , have you got your pajamas on sweetie?” Kelsey called down the hall.

 “Yes Mommy,” Chris answered, throwing down his comic book as he jumped off the bed and into his PJs.

 Kelsey searched her closet for a suitable dress. She chose a conservative, if slightly tight-fitting little dress which hugged her body and revealed much of her firm thighs. She slipped it over her head and looked in the mirror, smoothing the sides down with her hands. Not bad, she thought as she gazed at her 5’5″ frame. After Christopher’s birth, she was determined to regain her figure and was proud of her results. Her breasts were still firm yet larger than before; full and round in her 34B bra with large pink aureoles and perpetually hard nipples. Her dark brown hair was streaked with auburn and hung in an attractive layered cut, falling just past her shoulders. She had a lot of natural curl to her hair, which complemented her pretty face and large blue eyes. Her hips were a little wider since the birth of Chris, but she didn’t think they were too big as she still caught the attention of men… and even some women.

 Kelsey had gone to a liberal arts college, majoring in English. She had originally intended on attending graduate school with an interest in teaching. She met her husband, Derek, who was two years her senior. They married when she graduated college. He was a third year law student at the time, so Kelsey took a job as administrative assistant for an investment firm to support them until he passed the bar exam. They agreed that she would return to school for her postgraduate degree once Derek was settled. She became pregnant and decided to be a stay-at-home mom to raise her child. When she gave birth to Christopher , everything changed. He was the love of her life and. The joy she found in being with him made the long and sometimes boring days as a housewife worth the effort. She placed her career aspirations on hold and didn’t for one minute regret her decision. However, like many stay-at-home moms, something seemed to be missing from her life. Was she missing the career she never had, or the opportunity to associate with people that weren’t changing diapers or wiping runny noses all day, or was it just general boredom? She didn’t know.

 Perhaps her feelings were due to the fact that Derek wasn’t home much. While he had worked hard at several different firms and was now a junior partner at Morris and Henry, the job still required him to work long hours, sometimes all night and on weekends. Therefore he had precious little time for his family. Nevertheless, he loved Christopher and tried to spend as much time with him as was possible. As a consequence, that left little time for her. Opportunities to spend romantic time together were adversely affected. Their sex life took a back seat to work obligations and parenting. Sex was relegated to once a month or less. While Kelsey tried to convince herself that it didn’t matter, she found herself thinking about it far too often. In fact, she began to masturbate… something she hadn’t done since she was a teenager.

 Tonight Derek was working late again and Kelsey was going to the open house alone. She was anxious to meet Christopher ‘s teacher. She knew that her son was crazy about Ms. Larsen; the work papers he brought home were excellent. She wondered what this apparently amazing woman had done to keep her son so focused.

 There were only a few cars on the parking lot, but not nearly as many as Kelsey expected. She looked at her watch and realized that she was twenty minutes early. Rather than wait in the car, she decided to go ahead into the school in the hope that she could get some time alone with Chris’s teacher.


Ashley Larsen was a beautiful and vivacious 24-year-old first grade teacher. She was 5′ 7″ tall with shoulder length blonde hair and sparking green eyes. She had a lovely smile, an infectious laugh and was well liked by students, colleagues and parents alike. While she was slim and shapely, she was endowed with rather large breasts that were firm and sat high on her chest. The nipples were large and pink, covering most of her breasts. She was often embarrassed because the nipples were so sensitive that the rubbing of a bra would make them grow hard. They were unmistakably visible through her apparel. In fact, they were so sensitive that sometimes just touching them would bring a tremor to her body. When very aroused she had been known to climax from just pinching them.

 In college, Ashley had done a lot of sexual experimentation. She loved sex and decided early on that she didn’t need to seal her marital vows as a virgin. She had had a number of relationships with men which she mostly enjoyed. She was once briefly engaged, but it hadn’t worked out when divergent career goals interfered. Beyond that, she had a brief but intense relationship with a female classmate. The memory of the sensual exhilaration of a woman’s touch excited her to this very day. She knew she would do it again should she ever have the opportunity. However, she didn’t really look at other women with that in mind. Since her first and only lesbian affair, she hadn’t happened upon another woman that stirred those feelings.

 The autumn semester had begun and her third year of teaching was about to commence. As a teacher, Ashley took her job most earnestly. She felt there was nothing more important than teaching young people to read and write. Although she wanted to marry and have a family one day, her primary focus was on her students. They were her children. Teaching presented its own challenges for several years: developing lesson plans, dealing with her own training, and learning to handle the incredible bureaucracy of the public school system. While some teachers never learned to work within the system, she was determined to see her way through…in a positive way. Such was her personality. She adhered to the adage “you attract more bees with honey than with vinegar”. To her credit, she cleared the bureaucratic minefields intact. She was perceived as an aggressive yet compassionate advocate for children’s education. When comfortably settled in her job, Ashley could finally devote herself to teaching her students. Teaching was her passion and she was chomping at the bit to make a difference in their lives.


 As Kelsey entered the red brick building a flood of memories surrounded her, evoking those childhood days when the most important thing in her life was who she was going to play with at recess. How life had changed for her she thought as she looked at the poster boards on the walls with rules and regulations, pictures of kids, drawings and future events. She walked down the hallway, her heels clicking loudly on the floor, echoing from the painted cinder block walls. The school seemed to be deserted. She wondered for a moment if she had misread the date. She looked at the first classroom door and saw 100, then 101 and 102. As she glanced into the rooms, she was happy to see some teachers sitting at their desks, obviously waiting for parents to arrive. It seemed that in each room the teacher was older than the last. She wondered idly if the room numbers were the teacher’s ages and found herself smiling. When she turned to the doorway of room 112, she saw a young girl sitting at the desk.

 “Ms. Larsen,” she said hesitantly, wondering if it was she or a student teacher.

 The pretty girl looked up and smiled. She stood to greet Kelsey, offering her hand. “Yes, I’m Ashley Larsen. Call me Ashley please.”

 Kelsey looked into the teacher’s pretty eyes and found herself at a loss for words.

 “And you are?” Ashley asked with a faint smile.

 “Oh, I’m sorry. I’m Kelsey Sorenson… uh Christopher’s mother.”

 “Pleased to meet you. I didn’t know that Chris had such a beautiful mother.” Her green eyes twinkled.

 Kelsey blushed unknowingly, still holding the young teacher’s hand. “Thanks,” she whispered shyly. “I didn’t know Chris had such a pretty and young teacher either.”

 “Thank you,” Ashley answered with a sweet smile, pulling her hand from Kelsey’s.

 Again Kelsey blushed. “Sorry.” She had never been so embarrassed. It wasn’t like her to lose her composure, but there was something about this girl… something she couldn’t define that brought butterflies to her stomach.

 “I adore your son. He’s a bright boy and… quite a ladies’ man I might add.” Chris’s desk is third from the front on the left. Have a look at his work while I get ready for my presentation to the parents… who will hopefully be arriving soon. They’re supposed to be fifteen parents here tonight.”

 Kelsey walked over to her son’s desk and squeezed into the small chair. It continued to evoke memories. Suddenly it dawned on her as to why kids didn’t like to sit for long periods of time… the chairs were incredibly uncomfortable. When she looked down at the desk, she saw a stack of papers that Chris had completed. They all had good grades and she felt proud. She looked up to say something to Ashley and paused. The pretty teacher was reaching up to write on the top section of the chalkboard. Her short dress had pulled up in the back, revealing her thigh high nylons. Kelsey could see the seam at the top of her nylons and then the soft bare flesh of the backs of her thighs. She felt an exotic thrill shoot through her. She prayed Ashley would reach even higher.

 A moment later she chastised herself. She didn’t like women… well, at least not in “that” way. She forced her eyes to look back down at the desk. Oddly, her hands were trembling as she picked up her son’s paperwork and tried to focus on them. She soon discovered she couldn’t. The next time she looked up, she saw Ashley bending over to pick up a piece of chalk from the floor. This time she saw the backside of the teacher with her dress pulled tight across her buttocks… there was no panty-line. She wondered if she was even wearing panties. Probably thongs like all the young women wore nowadays, she thought.

 As Ashley remained Christ over for a few seconds, she looked behind her directly into Kelsey’s eyes. She held her stare for several moments.

 Kelsey blushed again and felt a tingling between her legs. “Uh… where is the… little girls’ room?” she asked to cover the embarrassment of being caught staring.

 “Down the hall and to the right,” Ashley said with a curious smile.

 When Kelsey exited the classroom she found parents filling the hallways. She turned and walked quickly to the girl’s bathroom, avoiding eye contact with any parent. It was almost as if she were afraid that they would be able to tell what had happened by the by the look on her face. Inside the girls’ bathroom, she quickly found a stall and stepped in, locking the door. She sat down on the toilet and took a deep breath. When she touched her cheeks she found that her face was flushed. She couldn’t believe how she was reacting to being around Christopher’s teacher. No woman, or man for that matter, had ever had such an effect on her. She shook her head to clear the fog and stood up, figuring she may as well relieve herself while she was there. When she pulled her pantyhose and panties down, she gasped; the crotch of her panties was soaked. She sat down again quickly and moaned in mortification. Then she relieved herself having to use several pieces of toilet paper to dry her wet pussy lips.

 This time when Kelsey entered the classroom, it was filled with parents. She was suddenly relieved that she wouldn’t have to be alone with Ashley . She walked quickly past the animated group and sat down at her son’s desk, looking up at the pretty young girl again. “I want to thank all of you for coming out tonight. It is very important that as your children’s teacher I get to know each one of you on a personal level. I believe in that way we can work as a team to insure that your precious children get the most out of their education. Believe me when I tell you that the early years of education are the most important in your child’s life.”

 Kelsey was fascinated by the uncharacteristic intelligence and knowledge of the young woman. During the presentation, she found her eyes meeting Ashley’s several times. It seemed that Ashley held her stare for a second longer than necessary. Each time Kelsey’s face colored in embarrassment. She suddenly wanted to be anywhere but in her son’s classroom. Incredibly, when Ashley mentioned needing a parent assistant, Kelsey found herself raising her hand. After all, if she didn’t help out, who would? she reasoned. Just like that it was settled; she would come to class two mornings a week and help with grading papers, and generally assist the teacher. Anyway, instead of feeling like she was doing a good deed, Kelsey felt a strange but undeniable sexual feeling wash over her. She wondered if she was losing her mind.

Leather & Lace – And Other Brand New Candice Christian Stories (New Cover)

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  Jill is a thirty something librarian, and as fate would have it, she crosses paths with a sexy, free spirit, punk rocker, Alex, who lives like a street person.

The coincidence bubbles over into a relationship and Alex takes both girls on a journey among the free spirited people of the street. The romance becomes stronger and soon passion overwhelms them. Soon they are inseparable lovers.

But the relationship is tested by Alex’s wandering spirit and call to adventure. Jill has lived an unbelievable life during her time with Alex. A life that will leave an imprint on Jill’s soul forever.



It was raining again as Robin waited for her lift to class. She was more interested in the patterns that the falling rain made in the puddles than the stream of cars heading into the town, which is why she didn’t have time to step back when the black Porsche 718 Boxster drove through the puddle right in front of her.

 “Shit, shit” was all she could think of as the water soaked through her coat. She looked up to she that the car had stopped a few yards down the road. The driver’s door opened and a pair of long shapely legs appeared, followed by the most gorgeous blond woman she had ever seen.

 “Are you alright? You must be soaked.” said the woman, “Can I give you a lift somewhere?”

 The cold rain had started to reach her skin making her shiver inside the thin cotton blouse, sticking to her bra, making her nipples harden. Despite all the lessons she had had about not going with strangers she felt a strange attraction to this strikingly good-looking woman.

 In a split second she decided ” You could give me a lift home, it’s not far, just round the corner.”

 She slipped out of her coat before she opened the passenger door and sank into the supple leather seats. They felt smooth and soft against her legs encased in the snug leggings, that were molded to her like a second skin.

 “My name is Anna. Where to?” said the woman as she got in and started the car.

 The ride home lasted about two minutes, but they were some of the best two minutes of Robin’s eighteen years. She spent the entire time taking in the woman who had picked her up. She was about twenty-five, tall slim with blond hair cut into a bob. She was dressed in a navy blue business suit. The skirt was so short Robin thought once or twice, she caught a flash of shimmering blue panties. The jacket was molded to Anna’s body, her breasts pushing outward looked firm and high.

 The strange feeling in Robin’s tummy was increasing the nearer they got to her house, why was she so attracted to this woman? She had often seen her friends in the showers at school and compared her body to theirs, as they developed from gawky twelve and thirteen year olds to young women.

Once or twice she had thought how it might feel to touch another girl’s breasts, or rub her body against theirs, but had never taken it any further.

Her nipples were still hard, she realized, closely followed by the realization that she was getting that turned on feeling she got when she let Bryan, her boyfriend of six months, caress her breasts through her clothes.

 “What number”. Anna’s voice woke her from her daydream.

“18” she replied, as the car glided to a halt.

 “I feel so awful about this, I’ll have all your clothes dry cleaned.” Said Anna as she followed her to the door.


close shave picDIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAILSlick Spotlicked into shape coverSweet Cheeks


Candice Christian: Busy Author,

The Slick Spot
Emily and Meghan meet in a small town in Kentucky.

The Slick Spot

Over the last several months, we have provided Candice Christian  a great deal of exposure. It is our opinion she is becoming a writer a superior skill and talent. We hope you do also. She just release a new title ‘The Slick Spot’

An erotic tale of two women that, Emily and Meghan, meet by chance and engage in a steamy first time lesbian hook up. This book teases the readers tactile senses and as various actions create a torrid sensation. Baby Oil and shaved womanhood.

Forced ‘bronco style ‘ oral sex, so raucous there is a chance the rider will slide right off the bed. But the rider was able to keep her seat and ride her bronco to orgasm.

But good times don’t last forever and the two women part company soul mates for life.

Sweet Cheeks


Fun in the Sun! Candice Christian’s Newest release–Sweet Cheeks. Cheeks

The warm touch of the gentle sprinkle felt good against her flesh

as she stepped into the tight shower stall. She filled her hands with

liquid soap from the wall dispenser and began to soap up her body.

Lori stroked her breasts, bringing her pert nipples to a familiar

hardness. As always, her own touch felt so good. Soapy hands glided down

across her slim stomach, finding their way to the tightly trimmed blonde

bush below. She continued down between her legs and then around to the

cheeks of her ass, leaving a soapy trail of bubbles in her wake.

Lori let out a soft sigh as her fingers again rubbed against her

mound, reminding her that it had been three weeks since she’d been with

anyone. For her, that was a very long time. Six months had passed since

she’d broke up with her last boyfriend. Roger had been a great fuck but

outside of the bedroom, or any of the other numerous places they’d done it,

he’d quickly become a first class bore. Running her long outstretched

fingers across her firm mounds once again, giving them a playful squeeze,

the lithe woman was reminded of how horny she’d felt lately.

At this moment, she deeply regretted breaking up with Rich. Not

that she missed him personally, but she’d broke up with him without having

someone else warming up in the bullpen. The sudden intrusion of a series

of never ending winter storms had prevented her from meeting anyone new.

At the rate she was going, pretty soon she was going to jump the first guy

she met.

“God, I need a good fuck.” she said to herself as she again glided

her fingers down across her stomach and across the thin layer of blonde


With a practiced skill she parted her vaginal lips, quickly finding

the small stubby clit hidden within. Closing her eyes as she leaned back

again the tiled wall, she pressed a slippery finger against it.

“Oh yes.” she purred as a familiar tingle spread out from her

cunt. “That feels so nice.”

She slid a soapy finger up within herself, followed by a second and

a third. It was a poor substitute for a hard cock, but it would have to


It wasn’t long before she was furiously pumping her fingers in and

out, sparking the tiny flame between her legs into a conflagration.

The warm water had turned to hot, filling the tiny room with steam.

The heat of which paled next to that which radiated across her quaking body

as her fingers caressed her love canal in an orgasmic frenzy.

Water running down her face, her lips formed a silent O. Lori felt

her legs and arms go weak as repeated waves of delight rippled up and down

her naked form.

Long silent moments, broken only by the splatter of the shower

drops, passed as the blonde rested against the now warm tile. The water

washing away the traces of her climax. She had wanted to masturbation for

the last two days but had felt funny doing it while Robin was around.