‘Pornographic Priestess’ – Candice Christian

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Jess walked up to Elizabeth and handed her a suit they

had selected for the befuddled teenager.


 Elizabeth looked in puzzlement at the bathing suit that

Jess had given her. “What funny looking underwear,” she

thought in her alcohol-induced haze. “This must go

underneath the suit,” she thought, as they helped her

into the strangest and absolutely the briefest garment

she had ever seen. After it was on, and she saw no one

else bringing anything from the back of the store, did

she realized that this was the suit.

It consisted of a series of dark red elastic straps

and very small patches of fabric which covered her body

in thin vertical strips. The very narrow crotch strap

expanded into a small triangle of fabric which barely

covered her pubic area and, thanks to the narrow thong in

back, her firm buttocks were completely exposed. Each

breast was only covered in the center by a vertical one-

inch strap. The elastic material of the crotch band

running underneath the suit was very tight, putting a

constant pressure on her strangely sensitive pubic area.

In fact, the whole suit seemed to the dazed teenager to

be about two sizes too small. The only thing holding it

all together was the unusual way the straps were all tied

behind her neck.

She noted vaguely that the suit had a surprising

affect on her. It made her feel very sexy!


Carefully primed by the seductive effects of the

lotion, Elizabeth no longer fought to escape her

predicament. Mindlessly, she moved now to only to

enhance the effects of the intruders within her.

The orgasm struck with a devastating fury on the

helpless blonde. Her knees buckled and she would have

fallen if Monica and Jess hadn’t been there to help her

remain standing. Her chest heaved as her tortured lungs

fought for air, while her pulsing vagina held Jess’s

intruding fingers in a vise-like grip.

“OOOooohhh!” Elizabeth moaned in ecstasy as her body

started to recover from her climax. The terrible

building of sensations within her had been finally

checked, and it felt wonderful to her.

Her feelings of relief quickly died however, when she

felt herself being built-up again! This surprising

revelation was destroyed with the onslaught of her

quickly induced second orgasm. Her young body drained of

strength, she could only collapse on the ground and wait

until the powerful sensations radiating from her crotch

and anus finally died down.

But the sensations did not die at all. The two women

quickly flipped the helpless teenager on her back. Jess

positioned herself between Elizabeth’s splayed thighs and

started to lick the girl’s oiled labia.

Monica moved the chairs out from underneath the

umbrella, and then knelt directly over the girl’s face.

She lowered her hips until her shaved pussy was

suggestively rubbing Elizabeth’s lips.

The befuddled Elizabeth started to tentatively kiss and

lick the strange lips now pressed against hers, not

knowing what person with the strange face and even

stranger breath was on hers. Her dazed mind was further

stunned when she realized in her confusion that each of

her efforts was answered by a very pleasurable sensation

coming from her crotch. “My God!” she thought. “I’m

licking myself! Talk about cool!”

Elizabeth used her hands and held tight to the moving

hips over her head. She placed her mouth firmly on the

vulva above her and wouldn’t let go after that. Her

mouth became more and more enthusiastic as the answering

sensations continued to build from below. She had no

idea how such a thing as being able to lick yourself was

even possible, but she was determined to take advantage

of it while it lasted. She kissed, nibbled, sucked,

tongued, and generally had a wonderful time with, as she

thought, making love to herself.

Jess kept the writhing teenager in a near-constant

state of climax as she continued her expert cunnilingus

on the vulnerable pussy. She teased the erect clitoris

without mercy and she inserted her tongue deep into the

tight, hot passage of the girl’s vagina.

Monica fondled her own breasts as her jerking nude

body rode the whirlwind of the teenager’s voracious

mouth. Her mind was totally blown from Elizabeth’s highly

enthusiastic version of oral sex, and she could only

mutter occasionally, “I’m in love! Oh, God! I’m in


Jess’s efforts finally reduced the passion-racked

Elizabeth to one final joyous spasm, then blessed

unconsciousness. Long before, Monica, totally spent

after her fifth orgasm, had to tear herself away, for the

sake of her own sanity, from the deadly mouth below. She

crawled nude to one of the nearby chairs and collapsed on

it in total satisfaction.

Before she went to sleep, Jess heard her clearly say,

“Phew! That kid is dynamite!”

Jess made sure her friend was protected from the sun

before taking care of the prostrate Elizabeth. She placed

the girl into another chair and dragged it alongside

Monica’s underneath the shade.

After making sure that all was well, Jess went into

the house for a bath, a martini, and a few well-deserved

orgasms of her own.


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