Candice Christian’s New Erotic Romance.

Scan. becoming a womanv20002

Dina and Brittany, a couple of plain Jane’s, are college freshman roommates. Both girls haven’t much in the way of a social life, until Brittany shares a secret with Dina

Dina is working her way through college. The experience has not been pleasant, partly due to her plain Jane appearance and her lack of any social life.

Brittiany is Dina’s roommate, and only friend, and shares much of the issues as Dina. They have lived for several months as roomies, in a platonic relationship. Until Dina returns to the dorm after working a late shift at her job.

The evening becomes an epiphany for both girls caused by a secret Brittany shares with her roommate. The girls start a journey into a lifestyle that leads them on to become women, and lets them shed their school girl personas.

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