Leather & Lace – And Other Brand New Candice Christian Stories (New Cover)

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  Jill is a thirty something librarian, and as fate would have it, she crosses paths with a sexy, free spirit, punk rocker, Alex, who lives like a street person.

The coincidence bubbles over into a relationship and Alex takes both girls on a journey among the free spirited people of the street. The romance becomes stronger and soon passion overwhelms them. Soon they are inseparable lovers.

But the relationship is tested by Alex’s wandering spirit and call to adventure. Jill has lived an unbelievable life during her time with Alex. A life that will leave an imprint on Jill’s soul forever.



It was raining again as Robin waited for her lift to class. She was more interested in the patterns that the falling rain made in the puddles than the stream of cars heading into the town, which is why she didn’t have time to step back when the black Porsche 718 Boxster drove through the puddle right in front of her.

 “Shit, shit” was all she could think of as the water soaked through her coat. She looked up to she that the car had stopped a few yards down the road. The driver’s door opened and a pair of long shapely legs appeared, followed by the most gorgeous blond woman she had ever seen.

 “Are you alright? You must be soaked.” said the woman, “Can I give you a lift somewhere?”

 The cold rain had started to reach her skin making her shiver inside the thin cotton blouse, sticking to her bra, making her nipples harden. Despite all the lessons she had had about not going with strangers she felt a strange attraction to this strikingly good-looking woman.

 In a split second she decided ” You could give me a lift home, it’s not far, just round the corner.”

 She slipped out of her coat before she opened the passenger door and sank into the supple leather seats. They felt smooth and soft against her legs encased in the snug leggings, that were molded to her like a second skin.

 “My name is Anna. Where to?” said the woman as she got in and started the car.

 The ride home lasted about two minutes, but they were some of the best two minutes of Robin’s eighteen years. She spent the entire time taking in the woman who had picked her up. She was about twenty-five, tall slim with blond hair cut into a bob. She was dressed in a navy blue business suit. The skirt was so short Robin thought once or twice, she caught a flash of shimmering blue panties. The jacket was molded to Anna’s body, her breasts pushing outward looked firm and high.

 The strange feeling in Robin’s tummy was increasing the nearer they got to her house, why was she so attracted to this woman? She had often seen her friends in the showers at school and compared her body to theirs, as they developed from gawky twelve and thirteen year olds to young women.

Once or twice she had thought how it might feel to touch another girl’s breasts, or rub her body against theirs, but had never taken it any further.

Her nipples were still hard, she realized, closely followed by the realization that she was getting that turned on feeling she got when she let Bryan, her boyfriend of six months, caress her breasts through her clothes.

 “What number”. Anna’s voice woke her from her daydream.

“18” she replied, as the car glided to a halt.

 “I feel so awful about this, I’ll have all your clothes dry cleaned.” Said Anna as she followed her to the door.


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