Best Lesbian Sex Games of 2020: The Ultimate Girl-on-Girl Low Down



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Whether you are a guy or a gal, some of the hottest lesbian action is always just a click or two away when you are playing some of the best Lesbian sex games on the market today.  The only trick is finding the best options and separating them from the rest of the pack, especially since there are so many games out there promising the moon and the stars when it comes to lesbian experiences – many of them never able to deliver the goods, so to speak. But that’s why we’ve put together this quick guide.

Combing the internet to find only the best of the best adult entertainment games with a heavy focus on lesbian action, we made sure that each and every one of the titles we recommend feature incredibly realistic female characters, engaging gameplay that will suck you right into an immersive experience, and some of the wildest times you’ll find in the world of adult entertainment games – all without having to spend a mountain of money along the way. You’ll too good to be true? 

Then you’ll want to check out all of the Lesbian games we recommend below.

Lesbian Porn Games Buying Guide

Comparison and Advice

Our Favorite Lesbian Sex Games Reviewed

A lot of games that advertise themselves as Lesbian action focused leave a lot to be desired in that department, something we found out time and time again when breaking down classic and brand-new titles in the adult entertainment games space.

We can promise you that every single one of the Lesbian games we recommend are going to revolve around women getting down and dirty, giving you an opportunity to immerse yourself in Lesbian action regardless of whether or not you are a woman in real life.

We are always looking to add new titles to the collection as often as we are able to, with our picks being refreshed frequently to make space for new games and new options on a pretty regular basis. We want to be 100% sure that you’re always playing the best of the best Lesbian sex games out there – the kinds of games that you’ll be able to spend hours and hours inside of without ever feeling bored or like the gameplay turned stale.

Some of games definitely focus on private gameplay sessions that you will be able to enjoy all on your own but there are other games that have a more multiplayer focus and dedicated communities that want to enjoy Lesbian action with other players.

You’ll always have an opportunity to bounce between these options when you check out the different titles we break down allow.

It was hugely important that we cover all the bases when it comes to Lesbian sex games that are 100% free of charge, “freemium” with micro-transactions, and premium games that require a purchase to unlock all the features you might be looking for.

You can be sure that there are going to be games that fit your interests and your budget in the list below, that’s for sure!


Lesbians’ 3D Adult Games

Play These Lesbian Sex Games Now

Why We Picked These Lesbian Sex Games

Reviewing different Lesbian sex games was a bit of a tall task until we really focused on a handful of core elements that all the best titles out there shared with one another.

It became clear pretty quickly that the top Lesbian sex games on the market today have the following things in common.

100% Girl-on-Girl Action

As we highlighted a little bit earlier, every single one of these games is heavily focused – if not 100% focused – on Lesbian girl on girl action across the board.

These games are going to let you fulfill any Lesbian fantasies you might have, with many of these games featuring unique gameplay scenarios and engaging situations that cover pretty mild fantasies too much more exotic, much more unique, and much more niche interests as well.

At the end of the day, though, all of the action is firmly centered around Lesbian characters that you will be in total control over.

Total Control Over the Same Sex Experience

Adult entertainment games have really grown by leaps and bounds in just the last few years, giving you an opportunity to enjoy all different kinds of gameplay experiences that never existed before.

A lot of the older, more classic Lesbian sex games felt like they were sort of running on rails – interactive video sessions that you never really had a lot of control over. Today’s top Lesbian sex games are anything but that kind of experience.

Instead these games have gorgeous female character models that you’ll often have a chance to customize and custom tailored to your hearts content, female characters that you are always in total control over and scenarios that you have a lot of control over as well.

Different types of games exist that range from traditional video game experiences, RPG game experiences, gambling game experiences, and so much more – and all of them are well represented in our breakdowns – but the general push behind these games is that you are always calling the shots.

Each and every one of the games we recommend also have a sky-high level of replay ability, a lot of interactivity, and engagement levels that are going to keep you coming back time and time again. You won’t ever get bored of the Lesbian action that these games offer!

Stunning HD Graphics

Our favorite Lesbian sex games have incredible production values, featuring high definition graphics, incredible art concepts and aesthetics, and sometimes photorealistic character models that help you to feel like you are right there in the middle of the action.

Some of the options include VR capabilities as well, giving you a chance to explore that red-hot Lesbian action in a way that might have been impossible for you to pull off otherwise, too.

Game Options For Every Mood and Interest

We really think you are going to find gameplay options to fit your every mood and every desire.

Some of these Lesbian sex games are built around “relationship simulators”, others are pretty explicit and pretty graphic, and others still cater to almost every imaginable Lesbian fantasy and fetish you can come up with – and quite a few that you might never have thought of on your own before.

The idea here was to cover all of the bases in these adult entertainment titles, giving you a chance to play games that are little more casual as well as a little more intense depending on what you are up for in the moment.

Quick Lesbian Game FAQ

Can I Play These On My Own or With Other Players?

Some of these Lesbian sex games are designed to be played as a single player only sort of experience, with other games definitely trending towards online communities of like-minded players that are looking to connect with one another.

Can I Play Privately?

Each and every one of the Lesbian sex games we recommend have a real focus on privacy and anonymity. You won’t ever have to worry about your personal, private, or (where applicable) payment information becoming compromised when you play them. All of these games are very discrete, too.

Are These Games Safe to Play on My Computer?

All of our recommended Lesbian sex games are 100% legit and verified to be safe to play, regardless of whether or not they are available through your web browser or as a download to your favorite device. You won’t have to worry about viruses or malware.



Former MMA fighter Rhonda meets a beautiful but inebriated blonde after one of her fights, and that sparks an attraction of the opposites.


Rhonda, an average height, fire plug built MMA fighter, meets a tall elegant blonde Jill, in a bar after one of Rhonda’s fights. The two woman are a study in opposites, yet the attraction is undeniable.

The two meet twice, once when Jill was ‘in her cups’ and the second when Rhonda was on her way to drunken oblivion. The kindness each shows during the other’s vulnerable state builds the attraction and romance blossoms.

Jill learns Rhonda is a first timer and decides their first time together intimately needs to be slow, gentle and on Rhonda’s terms. Her decision was the perfect choice and the romance grows, and the love and respect grows stronger.

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Inside the Sex Party That Lets Straight Women Be Gay for a Night.

Obviously before the COVID-19 PANDEMIC!

Skirt Club was created to give women a place to comfortably explore their sexuality – but what happens when a queer party plays into hetero norms?

FEBRUARY 23, 2017 7:47PM ET


The invitation to Skirt Club, a women-only, bisexual and bi-curious sex party, tells you one thing, loud and clear: This may be a girls-only orgy, but it’s not lesbianism as you know it. This is Katy Perry singing “I kissed a girl and I liked it.” This is an Agent Provocateur window display. This is the kind of awkward, lighthearted, lesbianism many women either had – or wished they’d had – in college. It’s “lesbianism” that lesbians will recognize, but have a hard time endorsing without some irony. It’s lesbianism as a side piece. It’s lesbianism: our little secret, for women whose bi-curiosity has become too overwhelming to ignore.

I received the invitation to Skirt Club’s San Francisco launch party on a cold Saturday in January. I’d never heard of Skirt Club, or a bisexual women’s-only sex party, though I’d certainly been to a number of “play parties,” where people across the gender spectrum did everything from cuddling to coitus. Skirt Club Founder Genevieve LeJeune had been to such parties, too, and was inspired to create a sex party where women, in particular, could focus on their sexuality “away from the prying eyes of men.”

The result, at least according to the video on their website, was somewhere between Eyes Wide Shut and a Victoria’s Secret commercial. Hot, feminine women in four-inch heels with artfully mussed hair strut like models, dance alone in feather boas and masks, gyrate desirously and mount each other for suspenseful kisses. Glitter-rimmed mouths oh soundlessly, long legs circled with garter belts stretch into the frame, taut bellies emerge from black panties and breasts are suspended in BDSM-reminiscent bras. In the background, behind a table with a bottle of champagne, the curtains are conspicuously drawn.

“When your man is not enough, seek adventure outside – where men are not invited,” the video urged.

I asked my girlfriend Courtney, whose shaved head makes her much more obviously queer than me, if she’d be interested in going.

“Would they even let me in?” she asked.

Skirt Club is open to all women, but “very few” Skirt Club members are lesbians according to founder Genevieve LeJeune, who identifies as predominantly heterosexual, though definitely interested in sleeping with women – a two on the Kinsey Scale, if you will. LeJeune says that based on information that women give Skirt Club when they sign up, most partygoers have the same sexual inclinations as her, or are more heterosexual.

LeJeune, who speaks four languages and is a certified yoga and pilates instructor, created Skirt Club in London in 2013 after taking a sharp left turn from her corporate career. She worked as a journalist and producer at Bloomberg TV in London, and in international markets as a branding consultant. She asked that her privacy be respected – LeJeune is not her real name, though she posts photos of herself at Skirt Club events, and out with her husband on her Instagram page.

Genevieve LeJeune

“It’s taken me a lot of courage to… put my face on the front of the company that says, ‘Being bi is OK,’” she says.

Skirt Club doesn’t screen out lesbians, but it does screen. Before attending a party, women must join its network by uploading a full-length photo, disclosing their profession and offering proof they’re between the ages of 21 and 49.

LeJeune says the company accepts “the high majority” of applicants, while remaining “focused on building a femme membership of career driven women.” But she wouldn’t give more details about why some women weren’t allowed in.

Tickets to the launch party and other “Mini Skirt” parties, like the one being thrown to celebrate their San Francisco launch, set the stage for kissing and fondling, but don’t encourage actual sex. They cost $60. Full sex parties, hosted in private homes, cost up to $180 – which naturally weeds out women in less lucrative jobs, or those unable to volunteer in exchange for a free ticket. The ticket price is significantly higher than other sex parties in the Bay Area, which are typically between $10 and $65 – though are significantly lower than the thousands charged for male-friendly hedonistic masquerades.

But what LeJeune is offering is more than just a velvet-draped orgy – it’s a chance for women to explore the blurry line of sexuality. “Leave your man at home, relay stories on return,” reads their website, an invitation for otherwise straight women to indulge in their fantasy, even if they aren’t quite sure what that fantasy is. LeJeune sees herself inhabiting the huge gray area between straight and gay. “I started this club for people like me,” LeJeune tells Rolling Stone. “I’m not looking for a relationship with a woman, I’m looking for something less tangible.”

LeJeune says that when she was looking to experiment with her sexuality, she couldn’t find a space where she felt comfortable. She didn’t want to go to lesbian parties because she worried women there might be looking for a relationship, while she was not. She concedes that she may have been wrong, but she felt too intimidated to find out. So, she started her own event.

“I’m not a gay woman ,” she says. “I’ve come from the only place I know, which is my own. I’m targeting the bi-curious woman who has a boyfriend and wants to try this for the first time.”

Hayley Quinn, a London-based dating coach who’s spoken at multiple Skirt Club events, says it isn’t your typical sex party – lesbian or otherwise. “There’s always an educational element and some form of performance, cocktails and chocolate tasting,” she says. “The event isn’t just about sex. The theater of it helps women relax their inhibitions.”

In some cases, Quinn says, women saw Skirt Club events more like a networking opportunity than a sex party. At the last London party she attended, a number of women wanted to network.

“I got a lot of young women in their 20s asking me how they could run a blog,” she says. “What I really noticed about Skirt Club at the beginning was that rather than just being hedonistic, it was a great social opportunity to meet liberal, like-minded women. And it’s typical to how women express sexuality. It’s not just nudity and sex.”

So at 7:30 on a Thursday night, Courtney and I arrive for the party at a club in the South of Market neighborhood. It’s cold and drizzling, the kind of weather that’s more encouraging of Netflix and chill than sexual adventures. A male bouncer lets us past the door into a bar area warmed by tungsten glow and furnished with afghan rugs, ample seating on red velvet-covered chairs and inexplicable, charming typewriters. Women mill about the room.

One of the half-dozen Skirt Club volunteers – a tall woman in her 20s wearing a black lingerie top, tight black pants and heels – greets us, champagne flute in hand. Smiling and ebullient, she shows us where set down our coats and starts to introduce herself, before remembering that she’s supposed to be using a stage name.

“I keep forgetting that my name tonight is Layla,” she says. “We all choose our names. I got mine from that Eric Clapton song.”

LeJeune refers to the volunteers as “hostesses” and they play the part in exchange for free entry, helping to break the ice and encouraging attendees to participate in the night’s flirtatious games.

“They’re not employees and I don’t want them to act like employees,” LeJeune says.

Eying Layla’s drink, I head to the bar for my own glass and strike up a conversation with a striking Polish DJ named Ivana. Her face is feminine, with lined eyes and red lips, but her plaid shirt – an obviously different choice for anyone who looked at the Pinterest board of suggested outfits – signals that she’s at least a little queer.


U N D E R . A . G R E E N . S T A R

An aging interplanetary teller of heroic tales, weaves a tale of her erotic exploits as a lesbian warrior from a galaxy millions of light years from earth.


Nut Meg, also known as the Noble Wrestler, tells a group of avid listeners about her erotic past exploits among the stars. Some of her tales suspend belief but one’s listening to the tales are held spellbound by her words. To appreciate the Noble Wrestler its imperative her past is brought to light.

Nut Meg is from a solar system located in Orion’s Belt and she grew up on an agricultural planet under a green star. She tells of the rites of passage for eighteen year old girls, living on a lesbian dominated world. She tells of competitions and erotic games. She relates further that all inhabitants who live in her solar system are subject to forced military enlistment and the rigors of intense training.

Recounting her story, she tells of a training exercise gone wrong, and how she and another cadet barely escape with their lives from beastly attacks and hidden traps. Ending her tale explaining how she had to repel down from great heights down the side of a Fjord along with her five sister cadet. Just in time to make the rendezvous point where the trainees are to be picked up and returned to their planet.

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Katherine is looking forward to her trip to the West Coast and escape the chaotic world of New York City where things always seem confusing.


Katherine had planned to get some sleep on her much anticipated redeye flight from New York to Los Angeles, but the seat next to her is occupied by a nervous teen that is not an experience flyer and pleads with Katherine to hold her hand to ease her nerves. Then things really turn bizarre. and Katherine is now a member of the mile high club.

Still reeling from her experience with the teen in the bathroom, Katherine gets hit on by Peggy, an mature but amorous passenger as she exits the plane, and is invited to dinner. On a whim Katherine accepts, but before they have finished their entrees Peggy confesses that she is living with someone, but she away on an oceanic research excursion in the South Pacific.

Peggy goes on to tell Katherine that her lover, Amanda is a marine biologist is traveling aboard a chartered cruise ship, for six months. The long dry spell for Peggy has been the catalyst of her one night stand with Katherine. Because she reasons: a girl has needs after all.

While Peggy and Katherine are back at Peggy’s place getting more acquainted, somewhere in the South Pacific , Amanda, is hooking up with Amber, a member of the ship’s staff. To Amanda it’s because after a certain amount of time a girl has needs. Or so she reasons.

After spending the weekend with Peggy, Katherine escapes the wacky world of the West Coast and its Innocent Infidelity mentality and looks for the normal debauchery of New York.

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Confessions of a Lecherous Woman

A maturing lesbian, Angela, has an obsession for younger girls. To the readers of her confessions, she shares her experiences with an array of some of the most amazing eighteen year olds you could ever imagine!

Please Click Here to Purchase

Angela always wanted to be older. When she was a girl, she fantasized about it, formed an idea in her mind how her life would be when she got older. From 18 years old and beyond, she tried everything there was to do that involved lesbians, and lesbian love.

When she was in her late thirties, Angela found herself hopelessly addicted to young teenaged girls, and most of them found the attention the attractive mature woman bestowed on them quite alluring. Angela took pains to groom them and school them in the advantages of woman and girl love.

Now in her forties, she was well-known for her penchant for girls, and she was often times offered the comfort of youthful females from other lesbians in exchange for favors or even fetishes. As a result, Angela’s bed was rarely empty or quiet.

Approaching her fifties, she comes to grips with her past. During a close friend’s birthday celebration, that included lots of arousing lesbian action, she gets to know a young woman named Amanda. Amanda offers to arrange a meeting for Angela with a young girlfriend of hers.

The discussion becomes quite sexually charged and during the conversation Amanda drops a bomb on Angela and the rest of the birthday well-wishers. Stunned by the girls revelation, Angela now faced with a decision to determine if maybe she has gone too far with her endless quest for young female flesh or just move on.

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Elisabeth Moss-Handmaid’s Tale Star- Cast as Bi Former Rep Katie Hill — Drama Erupts

The announcement of a new movie based on the former Congresswoman was just made but Hill’s Congressional Twitter account has come out against it.


OCTOBER 07 2020 12:23 PM EDT

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is out-v2-logo-1.png

Emmy and Golden Globe winner Elisabeth Moss is set to play bisexual former Congresswoman Katie Hill in a streaming movie adaptation of her memoir for Blumhouse. And while that may be good news for Moss fans everywhere, not everyone is excited. Hill’s old congressional account immediately tweeted out against the film and the depiction of Hill’s story.

Deadline broke the news that Moss is set to star as Hill in a story that chronicles the young politician’s election to Congress as a complete newcomer, quick ascension to power and notoriety, and her fall from grace after a conservative website published nude pictures of her and revealed she had a relationship with a campaign staffer while married to her ex-husband, whom she says was abusive and she was estranged from him at the time. Hill said that the photos were released as a part of a smear campaign orchestrated by her ex-husband, Kenney Heslep who at the time was pushing for spousal support in their ongoing divorce proceedings.

News of the movie, based on Hill’s book She Will Rise: Becoming a Warrior in the Battle for True Equality, didn’t even have time to get cold before the Representative’s former congressional Twitter account slamming Moss, Blumhouse, and Hill for ignoring a large part of the story, the part where Hill was not only a victim, but also a perpetrator of workplace abuse and harassment. The tweets were allegedly sent by former staff.

“This is an incredibly sensitive situation,” her staffers tweeted from Hill’s verified account, “We appreciate the instinct to defend our former boss, and LGBTQ+ woman who faced abuse from her husband.” “What happened to Katie Hill shouldn’t happen to anyone,” they continued. “But this moment requires more nuance, as Katie Hill’s story – our story – is also one of workplace abuse and harassment.”

In a 10-tweet thread, the former staffers went as far as to say “Katie Hill is not a hero for women,” and emphasized that she’s never been held accountable for what she calls her “mistakes.”

“Katie took advantage of her subordinates… many of whom were young women just beginning their careers in politics.” they also wrote. “wWe encourage everyone to reflect deeply before taking her word at face value.”

The former staffers acknowledge that Hill is also a survivor of abuse, but that workplace abuse and harassment “is never okay, even if your boss is a woman and/or a survivor.” They specifically tweeted their disappointment at Moss, Blumhouse, and Michael Seitzman (North Country), who is slated to write the movie.

On her personal Twitter, Hill responded to the allegations by saying her congressional account was hacked and that she reported it to Twitter. “Regardless of their author, the content of the hacked tweets is something I have talked about at length in my book, in podcasts and in countless interviews,” she wrote. “I look forward to continuing to have conversations around these issues and using my platform to support women in any way possible.”

So far, there has been no statement on the tweets from Moss, Seitzman, or Blumhouse, and it remains to be seen if the “hacked” tweets will be taken down. There is no news on when production was slated to begin, but it will likely be delayed by this controversy.

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Two longtime school friends, Gillian and Regan have an ugly fight after Gillian misunderstands Regan’s apparent lesbian advances.


Regan and Gillian, two students, at an exclusive school for girls are longtime friends. One afternoon, after rough housing in their dorm room, the skirmish turns erotic. The two of them take the encounter to another level, apparently to Gillian, both are consenting to the intimacy of their actions.

Regan has second thoughts; long after the point of no return and pushes her friend Gillian away in anger accusing her of being a lesbian and then the situation escalates to hostility. Names are called and a long time friendship disintegrates. Making things worse, the two girls are discovered by one of the school counselors and Regan is expelled from the school and Gillian is put on probation.

As a result, Gillian is obviously depressed at the turn of events. Her longtime friendship is over, and her friend is gone from the school. Wallowing in self-pity one of the most popular girls at the school, also an exchange student, Beatrice comes by to call on Gillian. A strange occurrence since Gillian didn’t think Beatrice even knew she was alive.

Gillian is shocked at the oddly swift speed at which the exchange student instantly seems to befriend her and acts as if they have always been friends. The two of them share their history, discuss the upcoming Halloween dance, and even agree to synchronize their costumes to go as a couple.

The two discuss their costumes, both agreeing to dress a WWE female wrestler and the conversation evolves into some play fighting and wrestling around on the bed. Gillian has a flash of Deja vu, of hers and Regan’s fiasco and is concerned Beatrice is setting her up for another disappointment. After all this whole scenario was moving so quickly, a lot didn’t add up.

Beatrice, however, has no such intentions, and proceeds to move the game to a much more erotic and intimate activity. Gillian decides that Beatrice is more than she appears to be and yet succumbs to her advances and decides to take the situation one step at a time and hopefully reach a happy ending, so to speak.

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Sexy twenty something restaurant hostess Carrie, spots a beautiful red haired lady coming up to her hostess desk, and as if magically she sees visions of her and the red head embracing under cool satin sheets.


Gina and Jenna are meeting for lunch at a posh eatery in Columbus Ohio’s northwest side. Gina has flown in from Pittsburgh just for the visit. Carrie the hostess, is immediately stricken with lust for the older red haired Gina and maneuvers her way to wait on their table herself. When she comes to take their order, Gina comments on Carrie’s pendant necklace. Carrie uses that as her opening and runs with it.

Eavesdropping on the two diner’s, Carrie learns that the older Gina is newly divorced and has been on the prowl, mostly with men. But Carrie can tell she is on the fence regarding hooking up with another girl by the way she keeps staring at the sexy hostess..

Carrie chances it; just as the two women are about to leave, she slips a note to Gina with her phone number. She figures nothing ventured nothing gained. The red head pockets the note quietly and say nothing. After a long stare at the hostess, Gina leaves the eatery with her friend.

Gina goes through some serious soul searching before she decides to call the younger hostess. Carrie is thrilled when she get the call and meets up with the hot redhead moments later. Sorting out the ‘are you a lesbian’ issue over a drink, the two realize hooking up is imminent and they head to Carries apartment where she plans to rock the sexual world of the red haired neophyte lesbian.

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Here’s the First Look of Javicia Leslie In ‘Batwoman’ Suit

But it will be changing over time.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is out-v2-logo-1.png


Four months after Ruby Rose, the original Batwoman left the show suddenly ahead of Season 2, fans are getting a first look at our new Batwoman, Javicia Leslie, all suited up — and she looks GREAT.

Bisexual actress Javicia Leslie (God Friended Me) is joining the hit CW show as Ryan Wilder, who will be the first Black Batwoman. As exciting as this first look is, the cast and crew have been teasing that her real look is still to come.

It was big news when queer actress and model Ruby Rose was cast as the lesbian superhero Kate Kane in Batwoman last year. She was the first queer superhero to headline her own TV show. But grueling hours and lingering injuries after an emergency surgery to repair herniated disks proved too much for Rose and she left the show after just one season. She later said that time in quarantine had given her more of a chance to evaluate her life and career goals, and Batwoman didn’t fit into those.

Instead of recasting the character of Kate Kane, the CW decided that season 2 will open with Kane mysteriously missing and an all new woman wearing the mantle of Batwoman. Leslie will be playing Ryan Wilder, a new lesbian character created specially for the show.

While this first image shows Leslie in Rose’s old costume, showrunner Carole Dries has been assuring fans that she’ll get a look that’s all her own soon. “How can we be sure that Ryan isn’t hiding what makes her awesome, with this suit? So it’s going to be a bit of an evolution,” Dries said at the DC FanDome Batwoman panel earlier this month. “We’ll see the suit evolve early on in the season.”

Leslie further emphasized the necessity of the character getting her own look. She and Dries “were talking about how important it is that if we’re going to have a Black Batwoman, that she needs to be, like, a sista when she becomes Batwoman,” the new lead chuckled at the panel. “It’s important for her to feel like the silhouette of her could still look like that, with natural textured hair and things like that.”

Leslie has some big shoes to step into, but she seems ready to face the challenge. And she certainly seems aware of the huge impact playing an iconic character brings with it. She comes into the show with Muay Thai training and a deep passion for the character, even sending showrunner Dries fanart of her new character to show how excited she is for the hero’s new look.

Most of the original cast is returning, including the Kane family, who will have some interesting reactions to Wilder. “Ryan, will ironically, ultimately, unite the Kane family,” Dries said. “There are all of these strands of connection that she brings to them.” As for Luke Fox, the Wayne Enterprises employee who’s been helping Batwoman behind the scenes, Dries says there will be “a bit of pushback” as he has to hand the cowl over to someone without the military school training Kane had. There’s also a lot to be seen with how Alice, the show’s Big Bad will deal with the disappearance of the first Batwoman, her sister and main motivation as a villain.

Batwoman Season 2 production has been delayed because of the ongoing pandemic, but is scheduled to premiere on the CW in early 2021.