Film Review: Tomb Raider

Alicia Vikander delivers a lean Lara Croft in this action reboot.


I wasn’t expecting lesbians in Tomb Raider, the new prequel to the 2001 and 2003 versions starring Angelina Jolie. And yet the film opens with an androgynous lesbian in a boxing ring putting Lara Croft (played by a taut and toned Alicia Vikander) through her paces. The anonymous dyke even defeats our heroine with a headlock, but not before Lara realizes her limits and sets her sights on exceeding them. So thank you, unnamed lesbian character, for putting our protagonist on her path!

While this edgy, gritty reboot may offer less Lara Croft eye candy than our Angelina (Norwegian director Roar Uthaug seems immune to objectifying his female subjects), there are some welcome amendments to the Tomb Raider formula including the casting of Oscar-winner Vikander herself: she is no iconic plump-lipped bombshell in body-hugging fetishwear — not that there’s anything wrong with that!).

I personally miss Jolie’s iconic performance of a Lara that fit the end-of-the-millennium, post-lesbian chic vibe perfectly. But oh, how times have changed with (necessary) super-serious social media-driven feminism and the advancement of big screen special effects. This movie packs more punch and this Lara is dressed for rugged action and self-defence. She’s determined to find out how her father, Sir Richard Croft (played by Dominic West) died, and she refuses to inherit the family fortune or take a bubble bath until she does.

Cue old-fashioned stuff about a secret chamber, antique puzzles, enigmatic maps, a priceless amulet…and then the action sequences begin, such as Lara fighting to survive a gargantuan storm in the Devil Sea, and escaping from a rusty skeleton of an airplane perched over a plunging ravine via a tattered parachute.

Vikander is mesmerizing with her ridiculously toned abs and her soulful, expressive eyes. Watch her run, swim, scale rocks, and leap over chasms while panting, grimacing in pain, and grieving her father. She’s not so much a computer avatar as she is a young woman for the #MeToo protest generation who is battling the odds set by crazy or corrupt older folks. This heiress in denial refuses her fate and would rather stubbornly pursue her own instincts.

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An Alarming Tale of Desire

Sarah, a closet lesbian, wakes one morning to find she is extraordinarily aroused and is forced to deal with the problem throughout the day.


Sarah is beginning her senior year at a local community college outside Cincinnati. She still lives with her parents and her life seems to be in flux. She is torn over her suppressed desire for other women, and so much wants to move out and express lesbian inclinations.

On one particular morning after the alarm clock roused her from her sleep, she realized she was abnormally turned on. Little did she dream, and much to her dismay, the situation would plague her the entire day,.

The constant horniness haunts every facet of her day, even while taking the bus to class. It creates situations that, to Sarah it all feels surreal. From the bus ride to the first class of the day, the urgent desire intensifies and the atmosphere seems to play along with the situation all the way to the ladies room.

Despite all the erotic situations, Sarah is only allowed to be a witness, never a participant. The stress of her decadent experiences, combined with her hyper-arousal begins to take its toll and just when Sarah feels things can’t get much worse, she realizes she has practice after school, wrestling practice!

The juxtaposition of young girls rolling around clutching each other’s bodies in competition just about puts Sarah over the top, prime for either a nervous breakdown, or a monstrous climax she isn’t sure which.

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Brianna, a forty something lesbian, remembers her life filled with relationships along with her obsession with teenage girls.


Following the untimely death of Brianna’s life partner, Emily, a long suppressed lust of young teenage girls awakens. A lifelong lesbian she remembers her first experiences, with an older woman. She strongly believes that was the catalyst for her penchant for young girls as she reached maturity.

The run down trailer park she lives in, provides her with many opportunities to have her desires satisfied. Whether it is the preacher’s wife, or the daughter of a neighbor. She enjoys a rejuvenated sexual life among the residents of the park, all while the husbands are away at work.

Her wantonness takes on new significance when she begins to have an affair with Moira, the daughter, of a woman, June, she is already having an affair with. In a way young Moira reminds Brianna of herself at Moira’s age.

The arrangement does create a bit of a logistics problem; arranging her trysts so mother and daughter don’t run into each other.

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The #1 Reason Lesbian Relationships Don’t Last

Although this article is a bit dated, the same things highlighted are timeless elements of a failed relationship even in the vortex of hysteria of 2020.

Mary Gorham Malia Updated: 12/17/14

Most first dates don’t become second dates. Then most second dates don’t become third dates, so by the time you are on a third date, you might be thinking this could be serious.

And if you’ve had sex already, you do think it’s serious. Right?

Yeah and that’s a big mistake.

Then there are the 30, 60- and 90-day breakups. It happens all the time. It’s happened to me a number of times, and it’s happened to my clients.

So what’s that about anyway? It all seems so hot and fun and perfect in the beginning? Well it’s what happens as you get to know each other, and sometimes it happens fast and sometimes slow.

The story usually goes like this …

You meet an amazing and sexy lesbian. You actually hit it off. You connect and share numbers and she wants to see you. You can’t wait to see her again.

So you set up a time to have coffee, a drink or something to eat. It’s fun and full of laughter and you’re thinking, “Wow! How lucky am I?”

But do you also pay attention to what she’s saying? Do you really listen? Because everything she is saying has potential to be important information about whether this relationship can last or not.

You hear her say, “I’m not very good with commitments. I’m always canceling out on my friends.”

What? Is that important? Yes it is! It means she’ll set up stuff with you and cancel, and she’ll cancel often.

Then she tells you she hates to work out. She’s never done anything athletic or broken a sweat. Is that important? Only if its important to you to work out with your sweetie because this woman just told you she’s not that type of girl. So you are on your own with the workouts.

Maybe she mentions she’s just broken off a two-year relationship a week ago. Are you paying attention now? Don’t blow by this one!!

She’s raw and lonely and looking to fill the gap created by that breakup. Plus, if it was a really mean breakup and you’re sitting there telling her how sexy she looks or how funny she is, you are definitely making her feel a lot better. But she’s not dating material, my lesbian friend. Run away!!

So what you get is a rush of initial contacts and a playful, fun connection with this woman, but you’ll also get her being unable to commit and being wishy-washy about what she wants.

This is the kind of woman who could be back in the arms of her ex in a day or week or month. Tread carefully with your heart.

Then, during one particularly interesting conversation, she tells you she’s awful with communication, all her exes say she’s terrible about sharing what’s really going on, hates deep conversations and likes to keeps things on the surface.

Are you paying attention? She’s telling you who she really is, and she’s telling you where she’s not very good with relationships. She’s telling you where the fights have been in her past.

She’s not going to suddenly be different with you! You are not the miracle woman who’s going to suddenly make her into a different kind of lesbian.

This is the mistake I see woman making over and over

You’re not listening to what a woman says, and beyond that, you do not believe her. You’re fantasizing that she will be different with you.

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!


When you take the time to be present, listen to what a woman is telling you and pay attention to her actions, you’ll start to recognize when a relationship should be over sooner rather than later.

I highly recommend that you end it earlier rather than later.

End things before you both get your heart and ego so entwined that it’s going to hurt badly. End it before you get so hung up with the sex that you can’t see straight. End it when her actions consistently show you that you are way more into her than she is into you.

And if that’s not the case and she’s more into you than you are into her, end it. You’re just leading her on, and it’s going to be a whole lot of hurt for her the longer you let it go on.

Finally, if it seems things really are working (your values click, your goals in life click and your lifestyles click), then keep at it and enjoy it for all it’s worth.

Hopefully 90 days out, it’ll still be that good (and nine years out, too).

When you stop playing games with yourself, you’ll know if a relationship needs to end early on and be the brave one to do it. Sooner is better than later!

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Randi Locke agrees to play the part of a lesbian couple because she thinks she will make the right connections and move up the ladder in her accounting firm.


Randi Locke is an up and coming accountant at a very prestigious accounting firm. Her ambitions have her so obsessed with making partner, that she agrees to attend a party held by the senior partner of the firm, as part of a lesbian couple.

Randi’s lesbian date Eddie, surprises Randi by her sophistication and outgoing personality that the two of them return to Eddie’s after the party for coffee and get to know one another better. Over their coffee the two carry on a conversation as if they were long time friends, such was the comfort level between the two women

The conversation eventually moves to a discussion of why Eddie is lesbian, and why Randi is not. During the conversation, the topics eventually gravitate to more intimate subjects and on a whim, Randi kisses Eddie, just to see if Eddie can tell if she is straight. Randi’s shocked when Eddie tells her she definitely is straight and wants to know why she thinks that. Which then brings up the discussion of kissing.

That topic seems to be a catalyst as the kissing becomes more romantic, and then sensual and finally erotically passionate. Before the conversation is completed the two retire to Eddie’s bedroom to resolve the discussion.

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An erotic collection of eight tales about women who end up stripped of their clothes, humiliated, whipped and abused by an assortment of lesbian dominatrices.


The Ignominious Initiation

Kelsey lives at home and is very happy being a career student, until her parents decide she needs to experience the real world. AND get a job

The Pain of Love

Two high school seniors, Sam and Mikki, from different worlds confront each other in the girls bathroom. Setting in motion a love hate relationship that lasts for years

Duchess of Domination

Stacey decides to skinny dip in the deserted hotel pool early one the morning. That idea gets squashed when Ciara arrives to crash her party.

Love Hurts

Linda is a successful business owner. She also is a mother of her eighteen year old daughter Jenn and she is a lesbian.

Used and Abused

Brenda “BJ” Winters is a Police woman, and an underground lesbian wrestler. Which is something she has managed to keep secret up until she is embroiled in a murder.

Bound to Lose

Jessica has found herself to be very unlucky in love. Bi-Sexual though she is, she just can’t win with either sex.


Submissive Belle, is eager to join Goddess Div’s group. To join she must endure several intense trials

Pleasure Bound

Husband out of town, Joanna gets to indulge in her secret fetish with Mistress Carol with a surprise visit from Carol’s friend Erma.

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Lesbian Defeats Male Boss Who Demoted Her

Lesbian Running for S.C. Sheriff Defeats Male Boss Who Demoted Her

With her win in Charleston County, Kristin Graziano becomes South Carolina’s first woman and first out gay sheriff.

To me, this isn’t a case of Democrat or Republican, it’s a case of a wrong being righted, or karma being a b*tch! Candice Christian


Kristin Graziano has been elected the first woman and first out gay sheriff in South Carolina, ousting an incumbent who’d been in office since 1988.

Graziano, a Democrat, beat Republican Al Cannon in Tuesday’s race for sheriff of Charleston County, which is the third most populous county in the state and includes the city of Charleston. The vote was 52 percent to 48 percent, The Post and Courier reports.

“I think the people of Charleston are ready for a change,” she said at a press conference Wednesday, according to the paper. “When you look at the voting totals, we crossed party lines. This is not straight ticket Democrat-Republican. This is what people wanted.”

“Graziano campaigned on a promise of accountability, reform and forging bonds with all communities,” The Post and Courier notes.

She plans to conduct booth a financial audit and a racial bias audit of the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office. Cannon has called the racial bias office a waste of money. She also wants to diversify the department’s ranks.

“First we need to put people in the community that look like the community, and we need to work on our diversity and our inclusion,” she said at the press conference. “I’m confident. We have incredible, dedicated officers in Charleston County currently serving. I’ve spoken to many of them already, and I’m very confident that we are going to make some very good headway in the first 100 days.”

Graziano has worked in law enforcement for 32 years, 18 of them with the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office. She has been a member and trainer of SWAT teams, worked in antiterrorism efforts, and developed a model for responding to school shooter scenarios. She was won several awards. But Cannon placed her on leave in February when he learned she planned to run for sheriff.

She had the endorsement of the LGBTQ Victory Fund, South Carolina Equality, and several prominent individuals, including Jaime Harrison, who ran against Lindsey Graham for U.S. senator from South Carolina.

Graziano is one of two lesbian sheriffs elected this year, the other being Charmaine McGuffey in Hamilton County, Ohio. They are among just a handful of LGBTQ+ candidates elected to such posts; their predecessors include Texans Margo Frasier and Lupe Valdez.

“Not only are these wins historic, but they’re a sign of positive change in law enforcement spaces,” a Victory Fund blog post notes of Graziano and McGuffey. “Both Charmaine and Kristin took on an old-boys network that thrived on abuse. Both women made police and prison reform pillars of their campaigns and have pledged to create more inclusive departments while increasing community outreach. And both spoke about how being a lesbian and a woman will make them better leaders. We’re thrilled they’ve won!”


At eighteen, young Ivy is initiated into the dark and dirty world of Domination by a friend of her mother.


Ivy, was raised in northern California. In her teens is introduced to the world of domination by a friend of her mother, Blossom. The woman is much older than the 18 year old and uses her to satisfy every debauched desire she can think of.

When Ivy graduates from college she moves to Las Vegas, her physical attributes lending themselves to the life of a chorus girl in one of the casinos. Once in Vegas she sheds her submissive ways and does an about face and tests the waters as a dominatrix with an eye for young girls. Her first eager sub is a cute waitress named Morgan. Ivy sees a lot of herself in the girl and proceeds to give her the full D/s treatment.

As the years pass, Ivy has moved from performing and topless dancing to managing one of the resorts on the Las Vegas strip which provides her with a bevy of young subordinates to groom for her own pleasure. One such beauty is Justine, who in her own way seems to have an effect on the Domme like few before her.

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It’s a hot summer evening and Noel has her lesbian inclinations awakened by her older neighbor, an awakening that turns to an obsession.


Eighteen year old Noel befriends her older next door neighbor while home for summer break from college. The older woman, Jordan is in her late twenties and married. Her husband travels for his work and is and away from home for days at a time.

Jordan convincingly coaxes Noel to spend time with her while her husband is away. The two become close, and the younger girl is soon seduced by the married woman and discovers she has a liking for lesbian sex. Her awakening at Jordan’s evolves over the years into an obsession.

After college, the Noel sees less of Jordan but in her new job, Noel finds other woman that catch her eye. She spotted her first conquest. A cute girl named Ginger, a woman she works with. Noel found the seduction was quite easy and from that Noel confidently continues her lesbian life with a series of young lovers, who she turns to the lesbian lifestyle.

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