Candice Christian: Busy Author,

The Slick Spot
Emily and Meghan meet in a small town in Kentucky.

The Slick Spot

Over the last several months, we have provided Candice Christian  a great deal of exposure. It is our opinion she is becoming a writer a superior skill and talent. We hope you do also. She just release a new title ‘The Slick Spot’

An erotic tale of two women that, Emily and Meghan, meet by chance and engage in a steamy first time lesbian hook up. This book teases the readers tactile senses and as various actions create a torrid sensation. Baby Oil and shaved womanhood.

Forced ‘bronco style ‘ oral sex, so raucous there is a chance the rider will slide right off the bed. But the rider was able to keep her seat and ride her bronco to orgasm.

But good times don’t last forever and the two women part company soul mates for life.

Sweet Cheeks


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