A brand new story, releasing this week, Honey in Your Hips, from Candice Christian.  An interesting tale of a brand new intern, also a lesbian, assigned to a big city urban hospital  ER. Her first Friday night alone is life changing in so many ways.

Tiffany Donner, feels more like an Army Medic than a doctor as victim after victim of drive-bys and gang war shootings are brought in for her to work on.

The ER team are suspicious of the white, small town doctor, and her perceived ‘aloof’ manner, which adds to the tension Tiffany must face.  It’s very difficult to perform well when the team you depend on, are leery of you. Earning their respect is going to demand she earn their TRUST.

Then there is the small need for female companionship. From Tiffany’s perspective resolving that issue seem unlikely any time soon.

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