Fun in the Sun! Candice Christian’s Newest release–Sweet Cheeks. Cheeks

The warm touch of the gentle sprinkle felt good against her flesh

as she stepped into the tight shower stall. She filled her hands with

liquid soap from the wall dispenser and began to soap up her body.

Lori stroked her breasts, bringing her pert nipples to a familiar

hardness. As always, her own touch felt so good. Soapy hands glided down

across her slim stomach, finding their way to the tightly trimmed blonde

bush below. She continued down between her legs and then around to the

cheeks of her ass, leaving a soapy trail of bubbles in her wake.

Lori let out a soft sigh as her fingers again rubbed against her

mound, reminding her that it had been three weeks since she’d been with

anyone. For her, that was a very long time. Six months had passed since

she’d broke up with her last boyfriend. Roger had been a great fuck but

outside of the bedroom, or any of the other numerous places they’d done it,

he’d quickly become a first class bore. Running her long outstretched

fingers across her firm mounds once again, giving them a playful squeeze,

the lithe woman was reminded of how horny she’d felt lately.

At this moment, she deeply regretted breaking up with Rich. Not

that she missed him personally, but she’d broke up with him without having

someone else warming up in the bullpen. The sudden intrusion of a series

of never ending winter storms had prevented her from meeting anyone new.

At the rate she was going, pretty soon she was going to jump the first guy

she met.

“God, I need a good fuck.” she said to herself as she again glided

her fingers down across her stomach and across the thin layer of blonde


With a practiced skill she parted her vaginal lips, quickly finding

the small stubby clit hidden within. Closing her eyes as she leaned back

again the tiled wall, she pressed a slippery finger against it.

“Oh yes.” she purred as a familiar tingle spread out from her

cunt. “That feels so nice.”

She slid a soapy finger up within herself, followed by a second and

a third. It was a poor substitute for a hard cock, but it would have to


It wasn’t long before she was furiously pumping her fingers in and

out, sparking the tiny flame between her legs into a conflagration.

The warm water had turned to hot, filling the tiny room with steam.

The heat of which paled next to that which radiated across her quaking body

as her fingers caressed her love canal in an orgasmic frenzy.

Water running down her face, her lips formed a silent O. Lori felt

her legs and arms go weak as repeated waves of delight rippled up and down

her naked form.

Long silent moments, broken only by the splatter of the shower

drops, passed as the blonde rested against the now warm tile. The water

washing away the traces of her climax. She had wanted to masturbation for

the last two days but had felt funny doing it while Robin was around.

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