Taylor Masters is a thirty-something successful entrepreneur that usually goes to the same place for a massage after a stressful day to relax, but today’s massage became an unexpected event and hardly relaxing.


Taylor works out at the same place several times a week. Normally after a strenuous workout and a stress-filled day, she gets a massage in the same facility. The masseuse, a girl of healthy Swedish descent had worked on Taylor many times previously. The normal massage was therapeutic and professionally administered.

Today, however, during Taylor’s workout she had been flirted with by a hot young lifeguard and it had struck a nerve with her that carry on onto the massage table. The skilled fingers of the masseuse and the exotic aroma of the oils being used all added to her slow-burning arousal. And while the masseuse was known for professionalism, she was savvy enough to pick up on Taylor’s arousal even over the fragrance of the special oils she used.

The masseuse, knowing the predicament Taylor was in, used her vast experience to continue to keep the fires burning and maybe work things to her own advantage. She knew this was not uncommon during a massage, but she needed to be very careful and be mindful of any feedback Taylor’s body exhibited, and back off if she seemed uncomfortable.  In the hands of a skilled masseuse, most clients can be worked like a fine instrument and this masseuse was skilled and she knew she could lead the cute redhead to a pleasing finale without issue.

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