A Dominatrix that maybe enjoys her work too much adds two women, Rachel, and Britne to her stable and makes plans to dominate their bodies for her personal satisfaction.


Rachel likes to visit Onyx after work if something has gotten her stimulated during the day. On this particular visit her mind had been unable to forget the beautiful blonde divorcee that started working in her office. The blonde’s name is Britne.

When Rachel arrives at Onyx’s place, she wants the Domme to whip her while she tells Onyx all about Britne. Onyx gets quite interested in Rachel’s story and finds the description of Britne as something that piques her interest. During Rachel’s session, Onyx makes her promise to bring her friend around so she can meet her too.

Eventually, Rachel complies with the Domme’s request and brings her friend to meet the dominatrix. Onyx immediately becomes smitten and plots to get Britne all to herself. Which she does in fast order. After Britne’s private session with Onyx, she realizes what the Domme is up to, and she tells Rachel. The two decide to thwart Onyx’s attempts and teach her a lesson.

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