Madison has a lot of things going for her, beauty, brains, and a full scholarship to USC, what she doesn’t have is money to maintain her expensive tastes, then she finds ‘Honey Bunny’ and Dr. Laura Ellison.


Raised by her elderly grandmother in rural Nevada since the death of her mother when she was 10, Madison always had her good looks and brains to keep her popular and her doting suitors would lavish expensive gifts upon her so rarely wanted for anything despite only having her grandmother’s fixed income to support the both of them.

Good fortune smiled on Madison when she was awarded a scholarship to the University of Southern California. The twist of fate though would force her into living a frugal lifestyle much different than she had in Nevada. This wasn’t something she was willing to accept and investigated part-time employment that might help with her extravagant needs. Then she found Dr. Laura Ellison.

Dr. Ellison is a well-known and highly regarded plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, known as the doctor to the stars. Madison met Dr. Ellison through an exclusive match-making site known as Honey Bunny. It matches beautiful young women up with equally stunning women that happen to be successful and extremely rich. After their first date is was obvious that each woman possessed exactly what the other wanted and even needed.

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