She came for dinner she was served a… FORBIDDEN FEAST!


It’s a dark cold snowy night and Christine Rock is about to go to bed when she gets a call from one of her daughter’s High School friends who has just been in a car accident.




Christine is a divorced forty-something mother of a college-age daughter. She is alone at home, on a dark, cold snowy night, and is about to turn in for the evening when she gets an unexpected phone call. It’s from Hayley an old high school friend of her daughter Lauren.

Hayley called to tell Lauren that she had been in an accident and was asking for her help. Unfortunately, Lauren had returned to college from winter break leaving Hayley in a bind and Christine on the hook. Christine, ever the Good Samaritan, gets dressed and goes to the aid of the young girl.

When she arrives, it seems the police want to charge the young girl with a DUI. Christine to the rescue convinces the senior officer to give Hayley a break, but not without a quid pro quo to be paid later! Christine takes the shaken girl back to her home because of the severe weather and she spends the night.

During her brief stay, Hayley and Christine connect quickly and have an enjoyable conversation until the wee hours of the night. In their conversation, Hayley reveals that she is a lesbian and is an outcast to her parents. Something Christine finds unimaginable.

The next day, Hayley with the weather better, leaves and heads back to her place. Upon reflection, Christian realizes she is fascinated by the younger girl and decides to invite her over for dinner. The dinner is enjoyable and over an expensive bottle of wine, their inhibitions come down and both women let it be known they are attracted to the other.

Christine is torn about the propriety of a relationship with one of her daughter’s friends and the fact she has never been with a woman. Her indecision however doesn’t last long.


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15 Lesbian myths that are rampant.

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15 Ridiculous Lesbian Myths that You Probably Still Believe

Lesbian myths are rampant, especially around people who don’t know any better. Are you content to stay in ignorance or do you want the truth?

There are so many hilarious lesbian myths even in this age and time, and they just won’t go away. They are so numerous that I need to write sequels or an entire trilogy just to cover every lesbian myth in existence. Others would refer to these myths as lesbian stereotypes. A lesbian stereotype is a pre-conceived notion about lesbians and their way of life that isn’t always true but is perceived as truth by many.

Whether it is called myth or stereotype, both tend to limit how everyone views lesbians and the lives we lead. I am not quite sure where all this nonsense came from, but I think that debunking the long list of misconceptions that already exist is one of the biggest challenges to making people better understand the LGBT issues.

This piece is intended to shed some light on some of the most common myths I personally encountered. I’d like to believe that not only are these myths false, they are also mean and annoying. Of course, I cannot possibly speak for everyone and maybe it’s just me, but I think Lesbos are really tired of hearing people say all these ridiculous bits of misinformation. Come on ladies! ‘Lesbe’ honest and tell me I’m right!

The truth about these ridiculous myths

Well, regardless of your take on this, below are some of the myths that are unfortunately prevalent within our culture, and along with them are the corresponding facts dispelling them. Feel free to browse through the list and see for yourself!

#1 Myth: Lesbians can’t become and remain as Christians.

Truth: Since when is Jesus a “members-only club?” I’d like to believe that faith has nothing to do with orientation. Personal belief is an intimate connection between you and your God that only the two of you can understand. It is not about organized practices or dogmas. It’s about his message and his message is simple, LOVE.

As long as we hold Christ close in our hearts and we offer him everything we have, he’ll be more than okay to welcome us. Gratefully, at present, there are many denominations, faith groups and churches that accept all humans, regardless of any differences. But if all else fails, remember that He showers compassion to all his creation. He is of great mercy and He will understand.

#2 Myth: Lesbians recruit because they cannot propagate.

Truth: This whole gay recruitment agenda is heresy. I am looking at you, Uganda! I am sorry to disappoint kids, but we don’t have a euro savings account or stacks of gold bars to fund all these recruitment and membership-for-cash advertisements. Lesbians are never interested to any form of conversion. Unless hypnotism is used or lesbian magic dust exists, I don’t think that a change in sexual preference is something we can talk you into.

#3 Myth: Lesbians are fat and ugly women who can’t find men.

Truth: Excuse me, can you say that again?! FYI lesbians aren’t lesbians because they couldn’t get a man. The truth is they don’t want men in the first place. If there was even a grain of truth that men don’t find us attractive, then some of us wouldn’t be married before coming out, to begin with.

I am not saying that none of us are fat or ugly, but it’s not like we’re all fat and ugly, and straight girls are all pretty and hot. Lesbians, like heterosexuals, come in different shapes and sizes. For my part, I find straight women equally hot, but I’d say lesbians are on a whole different level if you know what I mean *wink*.

#4 Myth: Lesbians often tend to get emotionally attached too easily.

Truth: This myth springs from the invention of the urban slang ‘u-haul lesbians’ named after a brand of rental trucks. According to Urban Dictionary, these are lesbians who, after their first date, tend to move in with that person right away. This stereotype syndrome has been disfavored, and it’s considered unhealthy by many. However, this immediate “urge to merge” issue is simply dead wrong. Mind you, we can wait until the third date!

Although some of us jump quickly into relationships and move in together after a short period of dating, it doesn’t mean that ALL lesbians literally drag a u-haul truck or a suitcase to their second date. That’s ridiculous! For what it’s worth, most of us still think that the dating stage is an essential part of building a strong relationship. Anyway, you can’t blame us if girls find us more expressive and nurturing, that they easily want to live with us for good. Envy much?

#5 Myth: Lesbians never miss The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Truth: This one might be true. However, we don’t watch Ellen because she’s gay, we watch her because she’s freaking entertaining! Besides, who doesn’t watch Ellen? Its world record of at least 3 million viewers per episode speaks for itself! In fact, the show has won a total of 33 Daytime Emmy Awards, need I say more?

#6 Myth: Lesbians stay friends with all their exes.

Truth: False. This may be true for some, but definitely not for all. I remember this e-card I saw over the internet that says “your ex asking to stay friends after you broke up is like kidnappers asking to stay in touch after they let you go.”

This note may be plain humorous, but if you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense. Like every normal person, we are not comfortable bumping into or hanging out with an ex-lover, unless of course, if we’re emotionally stuck. But that’s a whole new article to write about. [Read: 14 things to keep in mind when you run into an ex]

#7 Myth: Lesbians dress alike.

Truth: Am I missing something here? If this is true, I guess I have to call FedEx because I haven’t received my uniform yet. Oddly enough, lesbians can pretty much wear whatever they feel like. We have a different choice of wardrobe, and we like different girls and different everything. Well, if you are of the same size and style as your partner, then lucky you for being able to match outfits. But that doesn’t happen all the time.

#8 Myth: All lesbians look like… lesbians.

Truth: Ugh! Yeah, like we all share the same stylist and hairdresser, and buy all our clothes at once. And we have this universal calendar where we plot what to wear, how to look and when. We also Viber each other every morning to make sure everybody looks the same as if in the military. Seriously! Are these things even possible?

#9 Myth: Lesbians know all lesbians.

Truth: Newsflash: We haven’t done the official lesbian headcount and we don’t intend to. Really. What made you think we keep a directory of all lesbians in town? I mean I know a few, but I haven’t met the other 608,636,342 lesbians all over the world or the 9,567 lesbians in my hometown, so quit asking if I know “her.”

#10 Myth: That we all suffer from Lesbian Bed Death.

Truth: A sociologist claimed that committed lesbian couples have less sex than hetero couples. I wish I can give him my finger, but I’ll just say that it’s a big fat, lie. Lesbian bed death isn’t real. It is a misnomer, a myth and it will remain as such for all eternity.

Lesbians love sex and we cannot even imagine a sexless future. Sure, we might be like frisky bunnies in the beginning and our bedroom habits may slow down a bit over the years, or perhaps we may prefer to enjoy each other with clothes on for a while. But isn’t it the same with long-term straight relationships? And if lesbians go easy on the bedtime eventually, maybe in the next Jurassic age, is it really just because we are gay? [Read: 10 naughty ways to get rid of a sexual dry spell]

#11 Myth: “The L Word” is a real-world portrayal of lesbian lifestyle

Truth: Duh. That’s why there is “The Real L Word” show, right? Don’t get me wrong, because I love the show. I am such a fan who is torn between wanting to be Shane or Bette. However, the L Word isn’t a perfect depiction of how lesbians live their lives.

At best, it only showed how diverse the lesbian population is, and how unique we are, even compared to our fellow lesbians. It is no more than a fictionalized story meant to entertain viewers and keep the ratings high.

#12 Myth: Lesbians love to flaunt their sexuality.

Truth: Actually, we do not flaunt it, you just love watching us! On a serious note, contrary to popular belief, it is a fact that we are not granted this privilege in most places on earth. So, the flaunting accusation is a bit farfetched. Maybe in the United States or in Amsterdam but there are 195 more countries all over the world, and out of this number, there are 79 countries where homosexuality is illegal. I am not good at Math, but the figures tell us otherwise. Best of all, how come nobody complains when heterosexuals try to eat each other’s face off along the sidewalk?

#13 Myth: Lesbians are into pets.

Truth: Everybody is into pets. My neighbor is into cats, and she’s a straight 70-year-old housewife. My dad loves birds, but obviously, he’s straight. Since when did pets become gender-sensitive? If this is so, do we need a lesbian veterinarian too, every time our pets throw up and get sick?

#14 Myth: Lesbians grew up in a broken family or with an abusive father or a homophobic Uncle.

Truth: Possibly. But I think you are just watching too many soap operas and reading too many novels, that you are seeing and imagining things. You should consider switching channels.

#15 Myth: Lesbians are attracted to all women.

Truth: Wrong! We are only attracted to all HOT women! Kidding aside, just because we are lesbians doesn’t mean we are attracted to every chick we see. Most of us are insanely picky too. Have you ever wondered why we ain’t hittin’ on ya?

There are so many more lesbian myths to disprove, but unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury to put them all to death one by one. May this article serve its purpose well. May this list not only give you a good laugh but also encourage you to get to know us better instead of boxing us up into a pre-formed idea of who we are. And may you begin seeing us in the same light as any ordinary human being.

Her windfall was…THE INVITATION


An overworked and under-appreciated manicurist, Shannon Edwards discovers an invitation to a gala event of a lifetime.



Just finishing up a day from hell, Shannon inquired about one of her customers that had to be rushed to the hospital. As she hangs up, she discovers an elaborate envelope containing an invitation to the fanciest costume ball she had ever heard of.

The envelope had fallen from her hospitalized client and after much debate with herself, she decides to attend in the hospitalized woman’s place, by impersonating her and experience how the other half party.

Shannon has little difficulty checking into the exclusive hotel where the gala will be held and by the time she gets to her lavish room, she realizes she has pulled it off. She even seemed to fool the head of the event security. She takes a nap to celebrate her victory and wakes just in time to get ready for the event.

Arriving at the ball, dressed a very sexy kitty, Shannon blends in well with her surroundings, even asked to dance; by another woman. It’s then she realizes the costume event is a lesbian affair, and things go sideways from there. Her horror reaches its zenith when the head of security she was sure she had fooled, begins playing with her, imposing her desire upon the trapped kitty.

It soon dawns on Shannon maybe she didn’t do such a great job of fooling Yvonne, the security director.


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One Seattle School Will Be Renamed After A LGBTQ+ Leader, Among Other Reforms

To Support Queer Youth Identity

lavender-logoRead it for free here:

Seattle could soon see a school named after Marsha P. Johnson, James Baldwin, Cheryl Chow, or another prominent LGBTQ+ individual.

Under a new a resolution the Seattle School Board passed unanimously this Pride month to support queer youth identity, the state’s largest school district is on the hook to consider several measures: Creating a new LGBTQ+ culture and identity curriculum, include an all-genders bathroom in any new school construction projects, offer LGBTQ+ sensitivity training to staff and rename one school.

The district will also be required to survey all schools and report back on how many have gender-inclusive bathrooms, and brainstorm possibilities to create new inclusive restrooms in existing buildings.

A few schools in Seattle have successfully lobbied for a centrally located gender-neutral bathroom, but there is no district policy requiring existing school buildings to have one — only a directive to allow students to use the restroom of their choice. Even after an audit, said Zachary DeWolf, the Board’s president and first openly gay member, it’s hard to guarantee every school will have the space to dedicate a gender inclusive restroom.

“People assume that institutions will be good on their own,” said DeWolf, who introduced the resolution. “But unless we write it into policy, it won’t happen.”

There may be some workarounds, such as repurposing an existing staff restroom or single occupancy family restroom, he said.

The resolution draws on research that shows affirming and celebrating LGBTQ+ identity in school can help prevent the adverse experiences many students suffer as a result of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity, including verbal harassment and bullying. Queer-identified youth also post higher rates of suicide and self-harm and face discipline and criminal prosecution at higher rates. A 2015 analysis found that lesbian students face 95% higher odds of being suspended and expelled compared with their other female peers.

Any new curriculum proposed for English or social studies must include significant historic milestones such as the Compton Cafeteria riots, Stonewall Riots, the 1987 Second National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights and the contributions of prominent queer or LGBTQ+ identified people.

Conversations with local queer rights advocates and youth drove the measures in the proposal, DeWolf said. While meeting with student government leaders at Meany Middle School, he said one of the first pieces of feedback he heard was the desire for more lessons focused on LGBTQ+ movements and history.

“If we just assume everyone is feeling the same way, there is a lot of room for people to feel invisible, unseen, by the curriculum,” he said.

Tyler Crone, a parent of a trans student who has worked with DeWolf on improving conditions for trans youth, said the resolution represents a significant change in awareness from just a few years ago. She had to advocate to get her child’s new legal name reflected in all of the district’s systems, and pushed for inclusive bathroom access.

“Even with the most well-intentioned faculty at the schools, we bumped into structural barriers all along the way,” said Crone, a human rights law advocate.

Patty just wants to take a shower!


A young woman suffers a nightmarish coma after an encounter with an alien in her bathroom.



Patty just planned to take a relaxing shower after work. But her wishes get thwarted; first, a message written in the steamed up mirror in the bathroom, then by a strange visitor that travels at twice the speed of light who wants so badly to explore the earth girl’s body

The strange encounter with the unexpected alien visitor has a side effect on the unsuspecting girl. She falls into a deep coma-like sleep where she experiences life in a dystopian world where the state controls life, work, and relationships.

In the coma induced nightmare world, Patty has one friend and an odd assortment of people that do their best to teach her all about the benefits of lesbian love. Especially the group of women that arrive from the large city of Metro. It is with these women she learns how gender lines get blurred. And how to capitalize on her beautiful body.


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Shellie Davison is taking the day off to celebrate her first New York Times Best Selling book; She was just finishing her coffee when two younger girls catch her attention. Thus igniting a sexually charged afternoon.




Shellie Davison is basking in the thrill of her very first NYT bestselling book. Sitting in an upscale restaurant drinking coffee, her attention is drawn to a young lesbian couple making out, in the seats in front of her.

The young girls are an odd assortment, Dee a Native American physical fitness trainer and Bliss, a plump, middle eastern college student. Shellie gets called out by Dee for staring at them, suspecting she is homophobic, and Shellie explains that she likes Dee’s tattoo.

Mollified for the moment Dee and Bliss move to pay their bill and leave the restaurant, while Shellie tries to apologize for the misunderstanding. Bliss seems to be amenable to Shellie’s overture and they introduce each other. Then Dee and Bliss head about their business, Dee grumbling all the way.

Later in the afternoon in the same Shopping Mall, Shellie and the couple from the restaurant bump into one another again. Dee having cooled down and realized her brash behavior; invites Shellie back to their place for an afternoon of fun. Something Shellie readily accepts and seizes on the opportunity to end her long period of sexual abstinence.

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Empowering Feminine Experience, Intersectional Identities & Gender Equality!

rainbow logo-largest-caps-1


BOSTON—Societal resistance to gender equality comes center stage in …that’s what she said, a dance production exposing intersectional societal narratives from the feminine experience, including those who are also a part of the LGBTQ+ community, according to the show’s creative director.

“In bringing together a diverse group of femme-identifying choreographers, the production showcases the dynamic range of the feminine experience,” said Kristin Wagner, Creative Director of Lady BOS Productions and member of the …that’s what she said choreographer cohort. “So much of the narrative of both history and the present is controlled by those with the most privileges. I wanted to create a platform for more perspectives in an effort to challenge, or at least diversify or expand, our usual societal narrative.”

In …that’s what she said, part of that “dynamic range” includes artistic works from creative and life partners that are currently researching heteronormativity and public versus private displays of affection.

Angelina Benitez and Rebecca Lang, members of the …that’s what she said choreographer cohort, explore their unfiltered relationship, not only through movement but by a soundscape of intimate, candid and private conversations the couple have experienced in their home.

“In the process of creating this piece, we became fixated on what our sound should be,” said Benitez. “We considered silence among other things but when we turned to the other women in our cohort for advice, one of them suggested the idea of recording the sounds of our home. I took this one step further and started to record us—without Becca’s knowledge. The recordings are candid but have been edited so everything is jumbled. We felt that this would add a layer of vulnerability and context. We wanted to expose things we actually say to each other; the different tonalities, vocabulary, and content that is usually filtered.”

Wagner, also an ally of the LGBTQ+, applauds the work of the women and relates the conversations exposed to her own relationship experiences.

“I absolutely love this element of the work,” said Wagner. “As a witness to the work. I can only make out bits and pieces of the actual conversations. When I do pick up on the specifics, the content ranges from comical to intimate, which feels so relatable to my own experiences in relationships. It adds a layer of authenticity that is not always present in dance theater.”


When others come first

In a scenario all too familiar to same-sex and/or queer partners, relationships are often muted or downplayed in an effort to make others around the couple feel comfortable.

“I feel a constant need to create more space between us in order to make other people feel comfortable,” said Lang. “This comes from a place of internalized homophobia as well as a response to external homophobia.”

According to Benitez, the couple is constantly aware of the reactions and subsequent treatment from others.

“It’s a constant challenge to stay genuine,” she said. “I’ve caught myself letting go of Becca’s hand to refrain from being judged. We’re always aware of other people’s reactions.”

Familial expectations and assumptions can be at the epicenter of the adversity and consequential impact of heteronormativity.

“I think the largest way heteronormativity has impacted us as a couple was when my parents assumed that I would be straight,” added Benitez, who is also a member of the Latinx community. “I was closeted to most of my family when I started dating Becca. I wanted so badly to introduce her to them as my significant other and have it be ‘normal.’ The entire process of coming out to my parents was physically and emotionally tolling but I’m grateful for the counseling and support I received from my community. Thankfully, my parents have since expanded their views and are very supportive of our relationship.”

To read the entire article click the link below:


Time is important but this is…WORTH THE WAIT!


Odd Couple, Young Laura and mature Janey meet at a business conference in Chicago and both of them are inexplicable drawn to one another.



Laura Page is attending her first business seminar for her company. Young for her position she gravitates to a more mature woman also attending the conference to show her the ropes. That woman is the lovely Janey Evans, and the two spend all their time together in and out of the conference.

After sharing cocktails in the hotel bar, Janey reveals to Laura that she is attracted to her in more than a platonic way. Shocked, Laura politely explains she is not lesbian, but would still like to be friends. The two leave and take the elevators to their room. When Laura starts to get off the elevator to go to her room, Janey kisses her, shocking the young Laura once again.

The following morning after having pondered the implications of the unwanted lesbian advance, Laura decides to apologize to Janey and ask for a second chance. Janey readily accepts the apology and Janey spends the rest of the time with Laura teaching her the secrets delight of lesbian romance.


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A drug store employee, Sam, gets saddled with a home delivery, in the pouring rain, just before she leaves work. And just when things couldn’t get any worse…




Just as Sam is preparing to leave work for the day, her vindictive manager pawns a last-minute home delivery on her. Since it’s on her way home he says. What he didn’t say was that it was pouring rain, and she would need to change buses twice to make the stop.

When Sam gets to the customer’s home, she looks like she had been thrown in the deep end of a swimming pool. Furious and embarrassed, when the customer answers the door she is surprised that the woman invites her in and does what she can to dry the young girl off, even to throw her clothes in the dryer.

While Sam waits to dry out, the kind customer gets her a coffee and begins to talk to her. In the course of their conversation, Sam learns the kind customer is really Abbey Rhodes the famous movie actress. Thrilled to death, Sam asks her questions about her movies, and Abbey is more than willing to share some behind the scenes information about some of her movies.

Clothes now dry it’s time for Sam to head home; never to see the famous actress again. But surprisingly Abbey asks her if she would like to go to dinner the next evening. Walking on air Sam leaves dreaming of her dinner date, and feeling lucky she got to deliver the package, in spite of the rain.

Abbey goes all out on the date with Sam. Limo ride to the restaurant, awesome Chinese cuisine, and then, back to Abbey’s for some after-dinner drinks. During the limo ride to Abbey’s, true feelings are shared and by the time they arrive at Abbey’s the two women are all over one another. Will this be the love fling of a lifetime for Sam? Or will it be a one night stand? Will Fate Smile Kindly on her?


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A Collection of Scintillating Tales of Lust

Complex Lesbian Desires

A Collection of ten stories of lesbian women caught up in the compulsion of their unique sexual desires.



The assortment of stories reflects the wide spectrum of lesbian behavior. Some of it innate, some of it learned all of it prurient in nature:

Time of Crisis

Julie, a College professor is coming to grips with middle age and finding a younger likeminded woman to settle down with

An Uncommon Match

Robynn has been challenged, by Lada, to a match, in the Rainbow Division of the MWC. A female vs a Transsexual Sexfight.

Pointless Demonstration

Billie and Lauren are retired military and very much in love. They move to the tropics to live their lesbian lives they have always dreamed of doing.

A Brash, Boisterous, Babe

The debauched Doctor Lindstrom lives with two exotic specimens that thrive on her depravity. Lesbian Jeanie and Chris the Transsexual provide for the Dr.’s needs.

Impulsive Actions

Piper is a girl with a past. She is beginning her first day of college and meets new friends Tasha and Tiffany. She hopes the friendship will erase the memories of her past.

Kiss You All Over

Cassie and Nadia are a romantic couple about to make up, following an ugly spat they had. Each has a surprise for the other for the makeup.

The Specter of Antiquity

A woman, Grace Goode, reflects on her past Halloweens and how they still haunt her today.

Hurtful Emotions

Two high school seniors, Sam and Mikki, from different worlds confront each other in the girl’s bathroom. Setting in motion a love-hate relationship that lasts for years

Secret Desire

Justine and Stacey first meet at the gym and instantly find themselves attracted to each other. Justine learns that Stacey is full of surprises.

The Same Sad Story

Tragic tale of Anna, pregnant at seventeen, condemned to and abusive marriage. Loses her baby to the welfare system and nearly killed on the streets of Windsor Ontario.


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