Anita hires Cody to be her live-in housekeeper, a bond develops and it isn’t long Cody is seduced by Anita into a life submission and as Anita’s sex toy.


Mild acquaintances, Cody and Anita together agree to have Cody come live with Anita as a live-in housekeeper. The move seems like an ideal arrangement when one evening when returning from a hard day at the office Anita sees Cody in a different light. Anita seduces her housekeeper and Cody surprisingly enjoys the arrangement.

The relationship swiftly evolves into one of domination and submission, something the two of them had always subconsciously dreamed of happening. Cody settled into her role always seeming to know what Anita needed or wanted both from a sub and an employee viewpoint. Sometimes the lines were blurred as to who possessed which role in the relationship. One of Anita’s secrets to keeping the fire in their relationship, she would keep a steady stream of sexual variations in their day-to-day affairs.

 One such variety happened when Anita planned to bring home a friend, Jamie, to meet Cody. Normally this type of event was exciting for both Cody and Anita. But it was during Jamie’s visit that Anita discovered that Jamie had a cruel streak and took it out on Cody. Anita came to the conclusion that Jamie might need a rude awakening and maybe Cody should administer it.

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