Leslie is a small town girl and closeted lesbian, who leave her home for the big city at eighteen to live the lifestyle she had always dreamed of, but an older beauty picks her up and she learns her dreams were only fairy tales.


Small town girl and closet lesbian Leslie, can’t wait to leave home once she turns eighteen to live the life she had always dreamed of. Once she moves to the big city, her social life hardly improved and decides to be bold and cruise some of the gay and lesbian bars in the big city. Even the bars don’t appear to be too receptive of her and after a few hours of clubbing she’s angry and decides to leave.

After making her decision Leslie spies a ravishing brunette take a seat at the bar. Going for broke, she buys the woman a drink and gets the woman’s attention. Getting up to use the restroom to get a better look had the brunette she sees the woman is in her thirties and looks ten years younger. When she returned to her seat, the brunette is sitting at her table. The brief conversation that follows Leslie realizes the woman whose name is Jayden want to go home with Leslie forgoing the customary byplay.

Once the two arrive at Leslie’s place, Jayden works fast and both woman are hot and bothered. Then a dramatic change comes over the brunette. Now displaying a more dominating persona, and demanding Leslie call her Goddess Jaydan, Leslie realizes that she is about to be dominated, and dominated some more in her own home. She realizes that she’s not in Kansas anymore and she’s just picked up the ‘Wicked Witch or the West.’

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