Whitney believes herself an open minded liberal woman of the twenty first century, that is until she is asked to fill in as a photographer’s assistant at a beauty pageant.


Whitney, a lesbian flight attendant thinks she has the best life possible, flying around the country hooking up with beautiful girls in most of the major cities. Because of her career she is locked into one night stands, and relationships never get a chance to develop. Something she finds to her liking.

But a close friend of hers asks her to help with a photo shoot at the last minute. Something she really up to since she just returned from several days on the west coast. But the offer is worth a lot of money and she couldn’t refuse. When the car arrives to pick her up she thinks about her gig tonight, photographing scantily clad babes for a couple of hours. The $1,000 bucks seemed like she was getting a great deal. Little knowing the gig would change her perception of herself, and others.

Shocked is all that could describe Whitney’s reaction when she finds out that the beauty pageant was actually a female body building contest and to her horror all the contestants looked like guys to her. She was convinced this was going to be the longest night in memory. That is until the lights came down low a smoke machines spewed out thick smoke across the stage. Deep blue lights illuminated the stage as a Morgan sauntered out, dressed in a thin sheer white material; she was fully nude. Her entire body burnished in a fine layer of baby oil; Whitney was gob smacked. Her life was about to change.  

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