Raquel Ruiz recently immigrate to the USA from New Zealand and inexplicably when she moved into her new apartment there was a postcard addressed to her inviting her to a Ladies Night at a local private gym being new to the country she figured she’d give it a try.


A New Zealand transplant to the US Raquel is surprised to see an invitation to attend Ladies Night at a nearby gym. Suffering from homesickness she figures accepting the invite might take her mind off her recent moving pangs and even introduce her to some new people and possible new friends. Raquel had used that gym quite often back in New Zealand and had kept he 32 year old body in excellent shape.

Raquel arrived at the small gym with a packed parking lot and headed inside to check it out. She found out the event being promoted that evening was an amateur women’s wrestling group. The people in attendance are all her age or older and all seem extremely glad that she accepted their invitation.  Since she had no idea what to expect she didn’t bring anything to wrestle, but one of the receptionist said they had stuff for her to wear. Rather than wrestling in her underwear.

When they had her the necessary attire she is surprised to see the box contained, boots, knee pads, arm pads and a thong. She was told that she was given the minimum attire required. Somewhat amused at the wrestling togs, she played along and discovered that she had been entered into a 16 woman elimination tournament to see who goes to the state championship.

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