At the end of the 21st century certain women are selected to be scientifically reshaped into lesbian sexual athletes, perfectly tuned for sexual submission for the wealthiest and most jaded Citizens.


In a dystopian world, Lisa has been selected to be reshaped into a lesbian who enjoys sexual submission. She is subjected to a scientifically induced chemical enhancement and her brain is tuned into a perfect tool for the wealthiest citizens deviant pleasures.

The process is carried out under medical supervision using various chemicals and hormone and therapy and induced into a dream world where she is led by the ubiquitous VOICE experience proper behavior patterns indicative of fully trained sexual submissive.

 Lisa’s dream therapy is so life like that when she actually endures the exquisitely applied pain until she is acclimated to the discomfort and learns to expect it continuously as the VOICE talks her through bodies attempts to resist her mentally induced grooming. What can Lisa expect once the grueling process is complete? For certain her life will never by the same.

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