Natalie is a Women’s Fitness Competitor and since she began at the age of eighteen she has dominated the Bikini and Figure competition in the Eastern Region, but it looks like she may have her hands full with a newcomer, Shauna, a West Coast entry.


Natalie arrived at the fitness competition only to learn that the dressing room were pathetic and spies a buxom blonde strutting her stuff around the registration area. Shauna is a real stunner and has come to the East Region to prove she is the best in the country. To make things even worse, Natalie and Shauna will share a dressing room.

There is an instant dislike between the two competitors and each of them tries to use mind games to push the other down. From ‘the get go’ it is obvious that Shauna is not lacking in confidence and she has really rattled Natalie with her mind games. When Natalie learns that Shauna has hidden her bikini, that is when Natalie blew her top and the catfight was on. In her rattled state, Natalie didn’t have a chance with the arrogant Shauna and is taken to task quickly and is dominated and humiliated by the West Coast contestant.  

Shauna leaves the dressing room with an unconscious Natalie bound and gagged and ultimately unable to compete in the WFC event. To really rub it in, Shauna returns to the dressing room and drops the winner’s trophy on Natalie’s stomach to wake her up. Not satisfied with the humiliation she has gifted Natalie with, she starts where she left off before leaving for the contest. Will Natalie be able to survive the trauma and the lascivious ordeal Shauna has planned?

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