It was Jenna’s birthday and she decided to splurge on a gift for herself, a gift that would satisfy her attraction to other women and her love of BDSM.


Jenna was out with her friends celebrating her birthday, wishing she had found that special gift she had been aching for since her last birthday. Nothing she thought of seemed right until she saw the perfect gift standing at the bar of the pub, seductively dressed in a tight red dress with long blonde hair.

The following day Jenna went about arranging for a duplicate of the girl she had seen at her party. Using an exclusive escort service that specialized in bondage and discipline. To her great joy, she found the perfect twin of the blonde from the bar while looking through their catalog. She reserved her services for the weekend.

Excited beyond description went home and prepared herself for her special gift. At the scheduled time Dylan arrived, wearing the exact same red dress and shoulder-length blonde hair. Jenna could not get the girl inside fast enough. Her heart pounding, Jenna quivered at the thought of the exciting time she and her birthday gift were sure to have.

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