Starved for Affection

A childless married woman, dotes on her neighbor’s daughter treating as her own child, and watches her grow into an adult. So of course her heart is broken when she see the girl, hanging out with a group of rebellious unsavory teens.


Kelsey and her husband learned that after they were married they couldn’t have children. Her husband as a result buried himself in his career and was away from home quite often. Kelsey, on the other hand, sublimated her affections to her neighbor’s child treating her like her own.

As Kelsey watched the young girl growing up she took pride in how the young lady had turned out. That is until she happened to see the girl strutting around the mall with a gang of rebellious teens, kissing and fondling each other in obvious lesbian actions.

Heartbroken Kelsey confronts the girl when she comes to visit. The girl is embarrassed that Kelsey saw her with that group and that she was obviously a lesbian. During the serious discussion, the girl convinces Kelsey that the gang girls are not what she thinks and easily draws Kelsey into the gang’s web of debauchery.

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