Tina Bell is a middle-aged High School teacher and has lusted after one of her female students for several years. Now a senior and over eighteen Tina begins a dangerously overt seduction of the beautiful German-born girl.


A forty-one-year-old high school teacher has been lusting after one of her students, Julia, for several years, just waiting for her to come of age. Fueled by her inflamed libido Tina Bell begins a very dangerous seduction of a young girl. Surprisingly, to Tina, the girl doesn’t resist, and in fact, seems to go along with the attention from the older woman. Emboldened by the girl’s reactions, she invites her over to her house to watch a special show only on cable TV. Since the show will air at midnight, she extends the girl the offer of staying the night.

Surprisingly the girl agrees. The older woman is now obsessed with having the girl to herself for the night. The morning before the broadcast, the girl calls Tina and asks if she can bring two of her girlfriends. Tina is torn by the request, fearing it might be a way of thwarting the older woman’s seduction attempts, but then the two girls in question are equally attractive and of age. Thinking this could be an even better situation if the two other teens were as adventurous as Julia. She agrees to have them come along.

The time leading up to the arrival of the three teens, finds Tina overcome with erotic fantasies of what could happen once they arrived. In her fantasies, the three girls are insatiable and willing to do anything Tina desires. Once the intensity of her fantasy fades, Tina gets her house ready for her guests, hoping against hope the evening will be as memorable as her erotic fantasy, if it were only half as memorable Tina would be a very happy woman for sure.

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