A thirty-something divorced workaholic makes a New Year’s resolution to join a gym and get into shape and jumpstart her love life.


Callie is a mid-level executive with a large company. She is a workaholic and that has gotten in the way of most of her relationships. She is divorced, not in any kind of relationship, and tired of sleeping alone. She joins a gym thinking it will improve her health, stress level, and her attractiveness to the opposite sex.

The time she takes for her workout has allowed her to ponder the situation and comes to the conclusion that guys her age want to be with women half her age. That epiphany occurs while daydreaming about some hunk on the treadmill next to her. But instead of the beefy guy, her attention was drawn to Alexa the nineteen-year-old aerobics instructor at her gym.

Callie begins to fantasize about the young girl and then the fantasy becomes an obsession. When Alexa offers members of her class private lessons Callie thinks her prayers have been answered. Worried that she might come on too strong for a sweet nineteen-year-old, she thinks she has to be careful and scare her away or worse thrown out of the gym. No one is more shocked by the reaction by Alexa than Callie, the effects of which are certain to be long-lasting.

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