Cathy Brady is an ER doctor which allows her access to many patients but she especially enjoys her contact with young women because she finds them easy to seduce just like the cute blonde she was about to examine.


Thirty-six-year-old Cathy Brady is a lesbian predator, her profession as a doctor provides her with many opportunities to seduce unsuspected female patients that come into the ER. One such patient, cute eighteen-year-old Stephany has come to the ER in a panic because she is having a female issue. Fortuitously for Dr. Brady, it will require a physical.

On the examination table, the good doctor takes minor liberties with the young girl all disguised as part of the examination. When she has completed her diagnosis she schedules her for a follow-up so the seduction can continue. Even to invite her to her house to swim in her Olympic size pool.

The seduction of the young girl progresses during their afternoon by the pool and just when it seems the girl is ready to move on to the next step, Cathy’s friend Liz shows up after having a falling out with her husband. Cathy is in a quandary, will all her work on her young friend go for naught. Will the young blonde decide to leave? Cathy knows she has to think fast.

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