Eight Tales of Desperate Women Loving Sexy Women

A collection of stories of women from all walks of life, including stressed office workers, aging actresses, women near death, women carrying torches for other women, and even a retired MMA star. All share one common denominator, their love for other women.



Her Charming Shoes

Former MMA fighter Rhonda meets a beautiful but inebriated blonde after one of her fights, and that sparks an attraction between the opposites.

Cinderella Syndrome

Jenn idolizes Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn has moved on. In spite of that Jenn still dreams and fantasizes obsessively about one day reuniting with her Dream Princess. More

Your World in Sixty Seconds

Audrey Simms learns firsthand the true meaning of the old adage about ‘Your life passing before your eyes.’ when you are about to face death. More

Mark of the Serpent

Xavier, a married dentist comes home from work early and finds his wife in the arms of her lover. A woman!

A Dominant Submissive

A symbiotic lifestyle of domination and submission becomes tenuous as the once-firm connections unravel.

Joining the Club

Memories of an Eighties catfight, Sammy Jo, who is fighting the onslaught of Alzheimer, to record her biography.

Dark Passage

Leisha has plans to spend a romantic weekend with her lover. The love between the two women is strong and each feels they complement the other.

Afternoon Delight

Abby is at her wit’s end trying to cope with the pressures of her job. Her lover Jennifer offers her a few unexpected suggestions.

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