Young Ashlynn was a spoiled eighteen-year-old raised in wealth and comfort in the countryside of England at the turn of the twentieth century. The coddled teens life takes a change of direction when a new Tutor is brought into her home in preparation for her for life in upper-class British Society.


Eighteen-year-old Ashlynn had ruled of the roost in her posh upper-class estate. Her widowed mother doted on her, and the servants cowered at her every whim. That is until Ms. Vanessa Cage was hired as her tutor to ready her for place in upper-class English society.

Ms. Cage changed the paradigm in the estate with the full backing of Ashlynn’s mother. Ashlynn’s first response was to rebel and pout, then appeal to her mother. Her protest fell on deaf ears and the girl’s mother was completely in agreement with Ms. Vanessa Cage’s methods.

The attractive tutor applied a ration of punishment and pleasure to teach the rebellious girl about following rules and humility. With a Svengali skill Ms. Cage soon has Ashlynn toeing the line and learning some secrets of intense feminine pleasures.

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