An Inspired Octet of Lesbian Decadence

Eight exciting stories of gorgeous gunfighters, sexy scufflers, erotic domination, and very focused fetishes.


A Bawdy Christmas Trilogy

This book is a trilogy of bawdy Christmas-themed stories with a lesbian slant: ‘A Christmas Tradition’, ‘Waiting for Christmas’, and ‘The Christmas Angel.’

Something Special

Megan and Sylvia are lovers that are always looking for unique ways to spice up their relationship. Sylvia had a knack of introducing something new always taking Megan over the top and strengthening their relationship.

Lesbian Persuasion

Gwen is a happily married woman who finds herself needing help from Jenna the head of MIS. Gwen has a major problem with her computer, but Jenna will only help if Gwen will do her a small favor.

The Timid Tigress

New lovers Nikki and Abby are spending the weekend together, they are very much in love and plan to get to know one another much more intimately than and learn all they can about each other.

Sweet Yvette

Raised by religious fundamentalists, Sweet Yvette is enrolled in the same college her mother graduated from. She attends a student-faculty party with her roommate and gets a rude introduction to unabashed Sapphic behavior.

Amy’s Blind Date

A late bloomer, Amy arrives at college and navigates the complex yet erotic social relationships within the lesbian community beginning with a blind date.

Cold Blooded Vengeance

A young girl watches as her father is bludgeoned to death in the street, she vows from that moment forward to seek retribution for the death and spends the next fourteen years, tracking the killer and honing her skills as a gunfighter.

Struggle at Club Tones

Taylor is an American woman that has been assigned to the United Kingdom for work for several months, an assignment she was eager to take which would allow her to partake in the swinging London nightlife. She found out that ‘swinging’ didn’t always mean dancing and partying.

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