The daughter of a feudal lord is sent to a convent for her education, little knowing the lascivious content of the instructions.


Faith is sent to a convent for her religious education and preparation for adulthood. The education she receives is nothing like what her father pictured her getting. The sisters and the novices take delight in taking a hands-on approach to indoctrinating the neophytes or postulants.

Faith learns the obligation of knowing how to provide pleasure to others in a selfless manner regardless of the discomfort she might incur channeling all pain into pleasure. In addition, the postulants are taught humility, and thus they are required to spend time unclothed so as to learn this virtue.

When one of the postulants is brutally murdered the convent goes on lockdown and awaits the arrival of the Reverend Inquisitor, Sister Deborah. By chance, Faith is one of the first people Sister Deborah meets at the convent. And it soon becomes apparent that the Inquisitor has designs on Faith.

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