A thirty-something Gen-Xer discovers a portal to another dimension upon crossing the portal she learns it’s the last place in the universe she would ever want to visit.


Alone in her room, an introverted woman is reading a sci-fi story wishing she could travel between dimensions like the characters in the story. On a whim, she begins focusing her mind on finding a portal and making it appear. Her first attempts fail miserably and she nearly gives up but out of pure stubbornness, she gives it one more try. Miraculously a small gateway appears on the wall of her bedroom.

The opening is only big enough for her head. Tentatively she sticks her head inside and finds the dimension is black, and she is unable to use any of her senses. No sight, sound, smell, or feeling. She withdraws her head and rather than forget the whole thing she uses her new mental powers to enlarge the gateway. Encouraged by her success she steps into the dark dimension.

Once she crosses through, it becomes apparent to her that all experiences she encounters are in her mind, projected telepathically by some invisible force. Mentally she witnesses in shock various acts of diabolical torture and torment of a woman. The woman has violated the terms she has made with the keepers of the dimension. Wishing she could leave this mental hell turns and runs to the portal but as she does it closes on her, and something or someone is blocking her exit. Reality set in. She is doomed to this hell.

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