Young and beautiful Penny is about at the end of her rope with her job; being stressed and anxious most of the day. Her girlfriend Janay takes notice and sends her a surprise that is bound to relieve her stress.


Penelope Anne or Penny is trapped in a high-stress career and it is taking its toll on her physically and emotionally. When it causes her to forget an important anniversary that affected her romantic life; her girlfriend Janay put her foot down and designed a way to pull her from the trap she is in.

The first thing Janay does is send Penny and a brand new iPhone 14 to her office. Next, she demands that Penny leave her office and meet her for lunch. Penny agrees and when she arrives at the arranged place, Janay has several more surprises up her sleeve, guaranteed to relieve all her stress.

Talking to Penny via her iPhone’s Facetime app, Janay tells Penny her next surprise is on its way. A knock at the door confirms the surprise has arrived. The surprise is Kim, an expert masseuse standing before her with the answers to all her problems.

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