A young girl watches as her father is bludgeoned to death in the street, she vows from that moment forward to seek retribution for the death and spends the next fourteen years, tracking the killer and honing her skills as a gunfighter.


Jenny an orphan at eighteen, watched her wealthy father killed before her eyes. Her father’s will stipulates the girl will go to boarding school until she is twenty-one. While at school she learns all about women who love other women and adds that to her skill sets along with her lightning skills with a revolver.

Years later on the trail of the man who murdered her father, she ends up somewhere in the great plains. After helping the beautiful Ekaterina with a drunken cowboy, she is invited back to the woman’s place to freshen up. While there she meets Ekaterina’s partner Alexa and the two help Jenny hone at least one more of her skills.

While staying with Ekaterina she gets a lead from a private detective Winnie Pink, on the whereabouts of the man she has been searching for. When she is given the details she heads out alone. In the end, the killer is no match for Jenny’s abilities and she dispatches her father’s killer. She returns to Winnie and the two sail off to Europe to live a more subdued life together.  

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