A late bloomer, Amy arrives at college and navigates the complex yet erotic social relationships within the lesbian community beginning with a blind date.


Amy’s first brush with lesbian activity occurred during her pledging a sorority in college. While answering nature’s call behind a tree two older sorority members find her with her pants down, literally. The older girls make a game out of it and Amy finds that though she felt taken advantage of, she enjoyed the older girl’s attention and even fell into a relationship with one of her professors.

During her sophomore year, Amy’s family moved to the United Kingdom and loses contact with her friends from the US. Gaining more confidence as she got older, she makes new friends and gets invited to dinner by one of the girls she works in the library with. Both girls were aware of the other’s submissive lesbian inclinations, so Amy was looking for a romantic evening with her new friend. But, arriving for dinner she is met by her friend’s roommate, and another guest, Jennifer.

Confused by the situation, Amy goes with the flow, and it is obvious that Jennifer has her eyes on Amy and makes numerous overt advances in front of her host, who seems to go along with it. After the dinner, the four of them walk along the beach and it is there that Jennifer pulls Amy into a secluded spot and engages her in some very intense petting. When her host and girlfriend catch up with Amy, they spring the news that Jennifer and Amy were set up for a blind date. Seems Amy was the last to know.

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