Taylor is an American woman that has been assigned to the United Kingdom for work for several months, an assignment she was eager to take which would allow her to partake of the swinging London nightlife. She found out that ‘swinging’ didn’t always mean dancing and partying.


Taylor really enjoyed going to Club Tones since she arrived in London for her assignment, drinking, partying, and dancing with handsome guys. That changed when she crossed paths with a cockney cutie, Courtney who just seemed to be getting in Taylor’s way. Before one particular evening ended security had to separate the two of them during a fight in the lady’s room.

The next day, Taylor was in her apartment nursing her wounds when she received a call on her cell phone from the girl she had run in with the night before, Courtney. The call was short and to the point, Courtney was adamant about finishing their fight and dared her to show up that next Saturday at a hotel room over thirty miles outside London.

Taylor agreed to the challenge and looked forward to settling the issue between them. Since there was a period of time between the challenge and their next meeting, both women’s tempers had cooled and that was just as well. When the two arrived at the hotel, together no less, they civilly checked in and walked quietly to their room. The ensuing catfight was unlike anything either of them had ever experienced and most likely would never forget.

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