Raised by religious fundamentalists, Sweet Yvette is enrolled in the same college her mother graduated from. She attends a student faculty party with her roommate and gets a rude introduction to unabashed Sapphic behavior.


Yvette is a naïve girl attending the same college her mother graduated from. Unprepared for the evils of the real world, she innocently accepts an invitation to a student-faculty get-together with her roommate Ella. The get-together is, to say the least, a shock to the innocent girl’s sensibilities with blatant displays of lesbianism.

The attendees are excessively drinking and smoking and coupled with the humidity in the venue due to all the people Yvette goes outside for some fresh air. It’s there she meets an attractive older woman, Rachel,  who she finds out graduated with her mother from the same school. The woman takes Yvette under her wing and agrees to rescue her from the depravity and take her back to her dorm.

The two stop for coffee on the way and she calls her mother to announce that she has met a friend and former schoolmate of hers. When her mother finds out her daughter is with Rachel what she tells Yvette takes her breath away. Rachel may actually be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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