New lovers Nikki and Abby are spending the weekend together, they are very much in love and plan to get to know one another much more intimately and learn all they can about each other.


Nikki is an attractive woman and has just begun a love affair with the gorgeous but timid younger Abby. Nikki has invited Abby to spend a romantic weekend at her condo, in hopes of getting to know one another much more intimately. The mood is set with candle lights, roses, expensive wine, and a gourmet dinner then two retire to the living room to watch a few romantic movies Abby has brought for them to watch.

Snuggled together on the couch the two lovers are well into the second movie when they decide that they would prefer to move to somewhere more comfortable to do a bit more than just snuggle up. So Abby boldly suggests they move to Nikki’s bedroom. Nikki is eager to follow Abby’s lead and into the bedroom with more candlelight and silk sheets.

Nikki’s plan was to peel away Abby’s timid and shy exterior and see if a deeply passionate woman would emerge. The romantic setting is perfect for breaking the ice on the timid Abby, but it is not until the next day when the two have their picnic interrupted by rain that seems to have lit a fire to Abby’s passion and by the end of the weekend Nikki isn’t sure she will be able to handle the once shy beauty without wearing herself out.

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