College coed, Cassandra couldn’t remember a time when boys were always a disappointment and she wasn’t obsessed with women, older women.  


Cassandra found boys boring and quite disappointing and being around women always seemed to energize her. As she got older, she gravitated toward older women, usually in their late thirties or early forties. Over time she had acquired a collection of willing curvy beautiful mature women.

She didn’t have to look hard for willing partners, usually the mothers of her girlfriends or even friends of her own mother. By the time she reach college age, she was known for her mean streak, and her fascination with something she called her ‘Oral Tradition’ they made her a darling of the mature female submissives around her.

One willing and eager woman Pandy, Cassandra found on the internet in a chat room. Though the woman claimed to be a submissive or bottom, she became a handful for the younger teen. Cassandra decided to give luscious Pandy exactly what she asked for and a lot more. After giving Pandy a demonstration of her skills Cassandra had earned Pandy’s respect and a new dedicate submissive.

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