Megan and Sylvia are lovers that are always looking for unique ways to spice up their relationship. Sylvia has a knack of introducing something new that always took Megan over the top and strengthened their relationship.


Always the innovative one Sylvia tells Megan she has something special planned for them and hands Megan a sealed envelope with instructions leaving Megan speechless as she walks away. The envelope contains directions to a location for Megan and tells her to wait for Sylvia who will arrive a bit later.

The directions from the envelope lead Megan to a remote location far from civilization deep in a forest. When she gets there she finds another envelope with more instructions. This time much more intricate details of what Megan is to do. Megan follows the direction her friend has left and is put through some strange activities leaving Megan even more curious.

Megan having followed the instruction finds herself scantily clad, bound, gagged, and blindfolded hanging from the ceiling of the remote cabin. Nervous about her situation, the phone rings in the cabin and Sylvia reveals part of what she has in store for her lover. She promises Megan it will be something special.

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