Gwen is a happily married woman who finds herself needing help from Jenna with a major problem but will only help if Gwen will do her a small favor.


Gwen works at a large distribution company as a team supervisor. She has been working a project for an important client for days. A computer glitch causes her to lose all her work and she appeals to the head of MIS, Jenna to try and retrieve the lost spreadsheet. Sexy Jenna agrees to help but with one stipulation.

Gwen is aware that Jenna is a lesbian and when her stipulation is so shocking Gwen is in a panic. Gwen is working on a deadline and without the lost spreadsheet she will not be able to meet the deadline of the demanding client. After a lot of soul-searching and knowing the urgency of the situation she finally agrees to Jenna’s terms.

Jenna uses the small favor to persuade Gwen to try something she finds so abhorrent that it violates everything she holds dear. Jenna’s powers of persuasion are quite skillful and Gwen succumbs to Jenna’s seductive ways leaving the thirty-year-old married woman confused.

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