Courtney and Clio become friends while working at the same company. One of Courtney’s friends, Zoie, warns Courtney that Clio is a lesbian and better drop her quickly.


Twenty-three-year-old Courtney gets a job through a friend, Zoie, and does very well in her new position. While there, she becomes friends with a software consultant, Clio, working for the same company.

Her friend Zoie, warns her that the consultant, Clio is gay, and she risks being blackballed among the staff if she continues hanging around with Clio.

Courtney, it turns out, is her own person and rejects the warning and goes on a date with Clio and soon realizes she has been lusting after the consultant since they first met.

As a result, Courtney swears off men and quits her job, and joins Clio in her new company that is poised to skyrocket to great success.

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