Bianca’s new boss is drop-dead gorgeous and rumor has it her boss has a liking for woman. A born domme, Bianca sets her sights on her smokin’ boss hoping to have her as a sub.


Bianca is the assistant marketing manager for a large enterprise, and she has just found out she has a new director of marketing. She also learns unofficially that her boss, Gabrielle, or Gabby,  has an eye for the ladies. Something that piques Bianca’s interest.

When the two are introduced, Bianca moves quickly asking to take Gabrielle for coffee. When they get to the coffee house Gabby realizes Bianca is taking charge, the coffee house owner give them access to a private room, and soon the mistress-slave relationship is established.

Gabby and Bianca spend lots of time together and the marketing director settles into her submissive role. Bianca is all too happy to supply her boss with all the discipline she can handle. Eventually, Gabby, decides she might like to explore her lesbian options and pushes back on her mistress. Bianca moves swiftly to put Gabby in her place and using some innovative methods to keep her boss from wandering.

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