Sherry Stone Returns: The Erotic Temple of Tragedy

Young Keri Monroe joins the superhero’s Union of Singularly Gifted possessing a unique super power that the leaders of USG find outrageous and disgusting.

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Keri Monroe is a superhero that is a member of USG or The Union of the Singularly Gifted. Her superpower caused her a bit of flap when she first applied because the nature of her powers was so unique. The old-line superheroes running the USG disliked her nontraditional methods and balked at first at allowing her into the USG.

However, following an almost breathtaking demonstration of her powers, there was an internal struggle to see who would be her mentor and controller. In the end, Keri, known to most supervillains as Climax, was teamed with a scarlet-skinned Amazon named Chani and their work together was magnificent. They were so good they were assigned to do reconnaissance on the infamous and ancient Temple of Tragedy, an eerie relic of a time past that plagued the leaders of USG for over seventy years.

Chani and Climax run into a team of aliens during their mission who have been tasked with the mission of learning what mysterious experiments had been performed in the infamous temple and take that knowledge back to their home worlds. When the two different teams clash, Climax and her partner are ambushed by the aliens and Chani is killed. Leaving Climax to take on the alien Amazons alone and prevent them from completing their appalling mission.

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