Eighteen-year-old Morgan and forty-one-year-old Alex are neighbors, and no two women could be more dissimilar. That they are instantly attracted to each when first they met each other is even more puzzling.


Lonely and aimless teen Morgan lives in Winslow, a town so hot, the residents rarely venture out of doors during the day. Which made the teen quite curious when she first saw the voluptuous Ms. Spiker heading toward her duplex. Following a quick introduction Morgan learns that Ms. Spiker is her new neighbor in the other part of the duplex.

As fate would have it, both women have a secret and are both deprived in different ways. Morgan’s secret is of a parentless life in the care of an unloving aunt of dubious character. Her secret is the all-consuming need for affection.  Ms. Spiker is a divorced woman, and former professional athlete. Her secret is tied to her former career, and of a much more intimate nature.

The days that follow, the two sit on Ms. Spiker’s porch and learn as much about each other as possible. This causes Ms. Spiker’s long denied maternal instinct to bubble to the surface. Though slow in many ways, Morgan is quick to catch the older woman’s compulsions and willingly puts herself in a position to satisfy the forty-one-year-old while satisfying her own needs. Once both secrets have been revealed the two become enmeshed in an unbreakable and lascivious relationship.

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