Eight Exceptionally Erotic Episodes of Lusty Lesbians

What do a lawyer, a nun, a babysitter, a tomboy, a flight attendant, a gang girl, and a coed have in common? They are all sexually attracted to other women.


Included in this collection:

Odd Jobs

Daisy decides to wash her new car on a hot July day and her attractive older neighbor asks if she can help, little knowing her neighbor had more than soaping her car in mind

A Penetrating Affair

Stella gets an invitation from one of her former law professors, now the dean to return to her Alma Mater for an exclusive job fair.

Naughty Novice

Through a strange twist of fate, a totally over-sexed teen enters a convent as a novice and uncovers a secret lesbian community all too willing to bring the teen into the erotic yet austere group.

The Wildcat Babysitter

Morgan Leigh has been babysitting Chelsea for her single mother Bethany for several months. One evening Bethany came home early and was very upset because her date had stood her up. Impulsively Morgan tries to console the older woman which leads to an awkward situation neither can escape.

A Special Kind of Kiss

An energetic tomboy Alex resisted every attempt to conform to the feminine stereotype her parents forced upon her. When they finally gave up, her new freedom created more questions the eighteen-year-old wasn’t prepared to answer.

Lascivious Midway Layover

A young teen flying a great distance to be with her father at Christmas ends up with an unexpected four-hour layover in Chicago. A fast-talking woman sitting with her on the flight decides to keep her company and help her while away the time.

Quivering Thighs

Joyce and two of her gang members are hired to relieve a buxom blonde courier of an envelope containing sensitive information about the organized crime in the city from reaching its destination.

Internal Erotic Friction

Brandi picked Luann for a roommate because they seemed compatible with each other; then things went sideways, and they were at each other’s throats constantly.

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