Eight Surreal Lesbian Flights of Fantasy

Eight erotic stories of sapphic science fiction filled with lust, prophesies, debauched illusions, and android fantasies



Book One: Dubious Sexual Response

In the near future, humans learn to share the Earth with androids and other cybernetic creations. Is it worth the price to humans?

Book Two: Spectral Beast

A dystopian fantasy world where religious extremists execute all sinners, especially homosexuals and lesbians; young Rose does the unthinkable and rebels.

Book Three: Fantasies of Sexy Lesbians

Dawn is an accomplished photographer and drug dealer. She also lives a fantasy sex life that defies conventional wisdom

Book Four: Dream Weaver’s Depravity

A dystopian world ruled by draconian laws, social distancing to the extreme and is wreaking havoc on sexual relationships. Using creative methods some evade the law

Book Five: It’s All an Illusion

Nancy and Marge miraculously survive a fiery car crash and rush to the safety of an old Inn close

Book Six: Mauve & Emerald Desire

The Narrator is from the planet Viridian. She had one human friend a human female and has plans to spend a romantic weekend with her.

Book Seven: Egyptian Sapphic Fantasy

Late one night Harriet Sommers is driving home. She is suffering the effects of a weekend of partying and stops at a cheap motel. Unaware the stop would change her life forever.

Book Eight: Fleeing the Shimmering Eyes of Desire

Stacey Denning and Trish Isaacs are in command of a Space Transport filled with refugees from an alien attack on Earth.

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