Samantha takes a job at a summer camp as a counselor in spite of her introverted personality, her sense of physical inadequacy, and her lack of self-confidence around other girls. But she soon learns the job seems to be just the tonic she needed to put her doubts to rest.


Samantha is a teenage girl suffering from a severe case of teenage angst. In all the superficial ways she feels she just doesn’t measure up to other girls her age. Her body is inadequate, her sexual experience is inadequate, and her timid demeanor causes her to be taken for granted. That is until she tries to avoid taking a shower with the other counselors after a day at the lake.

Nadine, the alpha female of the counselor shames Samantha into taking the shower with the rest of the group, and her even gives her a chance to become part of her clique the Dryads. To do so she is subjected to an initiation unlike any Samantha had ever experienced or even heard of. It’s during the initiation that Samantha meets Mandy, who sticks around with Samantha even after the other Dryads have left.

The tough goth chick takes Samantha under her wing and proceeds to bring her up to speed on what to expect during her time at the camp and some of the extracurricular activities that are in store for her. Mandy, a girl of action starts immediately schooling the shy teen in some of the exotic things that lay ahead during her time at the camp. For certain when Mandy completes her indoctrination, the once shy and timid Samantha will be long forgotten.

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