The WSWL or Women’s Sex Wrestling League had no champion. A Gauntlet Match was held with the top five female competitors, the winner of the grueling competition would emerge the Champion


The WSWL Gauntlet match was a real test of endurance especially if you were the first two competitors to be chosen to wrestle. The winner of the first match would go right into the second match without a break and continue until she lost or if she won all her matches she would be the champion.

Redheaded bombshell Erin had the misfortune to draw the first match, which meant she would need to win her initial match and three subsequent matches to emerge the champion. She has matched against four of the League’s top female wrestlers and it would take a miracle for her to endure the punishment the four brutal competitors would dish out.

Surprisingly the redhead wins the first and second matches and really struggles with the third until she is paired with Bambi one of the Tag Team Champions The Buxom Babes. To her surprise Bambi’s partner Taylor accompanies her to the ring and Erin just knows Taylor will be a force to contend with in addition to Bambi. Can Erin emerge victorious and defeat the sneaky blonde Bambi and her evil partner?

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