Alicia and her partner Connie have a “pastime” they like, and it earns them some serious money for their efforts. Their pastime is a twist on con pool sharks have used for years, Alicia selects the mark and Connie fleeces them so to speak obviously leaving some marks really furious when they realize they have been taken.


The world is filled with people that think they are good at what they do and are willing bet they are better than others that seem to believe they are the best. Every day someone is getting hustled. They get hustled playing pool, playing golf and there are even instances where it happens over a chess board. Connie and Alicia have a talent that allows them to hustle, men or women, and separate them from their hard-earned money.

Alicia is a former FBI profiler and Connie is the one that takes the mark to the cleaners. She has been a topless dancer, and worked in Vegas at one of the legal houses yet found she and Alicia could make more money, doing what they love and working when they wanted or where. Of course there are some bumps along the way that the two take in stride, like when one of the marks is a porn star, or when they are surprised by a cute blonde being transgender, or even other more fascinating gender-bending surprises.

What the pair never expected was the vengeful mark. Yeah, a lot of the people that they hustled were upset when they realized they had been had, usually the mark went away grumbling about being taken but then just left never to be heard from or seen again. But again like all things in life, there is always an exception. Both women knew it was possible but would they be able to deal with it when the time came?

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