Daisy decides to wash her new car on a hot July day and her attractive older neighbor asks if she can help, little knowing her neighbor had more than soaping her car in mind.


Daisy had just finished her freshman year of college and had the summer off. Her dad had just bought her a new car and she decided to wash it on such a warm sunny day. Donning her bikini she heads out to get started on the car and sees her neighbor Addy dressed in a bikini also about to do the same.

Addy suggests they share the work and help each other wash the cars. Daisy is all for that and soon she and Addy are soaping spraying their cars laughing the entire time. Addy decides to get a little playful and begins to spray Daisy when she isn’t looking and then the serious fun begins. Both girls are drenched and decide to go into Addy’s to dry off and have lunch.  Daisy accepts the offer and is shocked to see what Addy is planning for lunch.

The following morning, lying in bed Daisy is still tingling from her time with Addy, and wonders if Addy wanted to still have her help with her car since they didn’t finish Addy’s. Her thought is interrupted by her dad rushing into her room to let Daisy know that Addy is on the phone. When she takes the call,  Daisy feels Addy must have read her mind as she asks the teen if she would like to come over and help her with some odd jobs.

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