So what is lesbian fashion? Something for you?

So what is lesbian fashion? First of all, I’m not a lesbian, but I like to write about fashion and beauty in all kinds of forms. I have respect for women who are and want to give them some fashion inspo and of course, It’s Googled a lot.

By mandy b. 3 May 2022

Fashion comes with identity and uniqueness, no matter what gender it is. Thanks to awareness and freedom, that has allowed lesbians to express themselves in wardrobe and appearance.

However, there are few attires only designed for LGBT community lesbians. But you need not worry about the dress selection to look as desired. We have collected some dressing styles in lesbian fashion. Thus, this post will help you with some lesbian fashion tips.

Lesbian Formal Wear

Like straights, lesbians also look professional in formal wear. You can stroll around the office like a boss in a loose white shirt covered with a black coat. Besides, the loose trousers beneath white shoes will be fantastic.

Cotton Check Blue Chinos Pants will be a great option if you want to switch color palates. A white half sleeve shirt, gold-colored hat, and office shoes will highlight the dress.

If you want to go out in a formal dress, tight black pants and a t-shirt covered by a gold earth overcoat will be acceptable. To match the color palate, black boots will be perfect.

There are many variants of formal lesbian outfits. A thick loose casual outfit assisted by light green loose trousers and shoes also represents the feminist look.

Femme Lesbian Style

Those who wish to represent femme can wear white Doc Martens. This intends to be a staple of several lesbians’ wardrobes. You can look sexy, confident, and intelligent.

The low-cut open blouse under a black coat and pants with shoes also can vibrant masculine look. In the summer, Femmes also love maxi dresses as they are airy and light. Mexi also allows all essential body parts to leverage the moderate chill in the temperature.

You can pick a vivid color maxi paired with a comfy pair of slip-on sandals. This dress can give you the basic vacation vibe in the hot summer.

Femme style also makes you cute. For this, you can try everyday jeans and a white tee capped with a charming bowler hat and inked sultry red lipstick. 

Tomboy Fashion

If anyone tries to dress like a tomboy, they can not forget Ashlyn Harris, an American soccer player. So you can imagine casual jeans and trainers paired with a bright blazer and turtle neck. And what do you think of Rita ora and Rihanna? Kinda tomboy ladies.

It is unnecessary to wear ripped jeans, hoodies, and sneakers to live tomboy style. Instead, you need to show up as bold and brave in boy dresses. A funky patterned shirt with funky beach shorts can give a relaxed look for the warm summer months.

Flannel is the DNA for a tomboy outfit. You can rock with flannel with jeans and a bun hairstyle. Besides, beach dresses, including inner vests and shorts, can leverage the dresser.

Casual Lesbian Fashion

The tracksuits and trainers create a fashion statement without compromising on comfort for lesbians. Imagine the tight pastel peach trousers, pared white jackets, and white shoes.

Casual lesbian fashion can never look good without all-black attire with a pop of color. If you play skates, then it will be an eye-winner.

Butch Lesbian Fashion

You can live butch lesbian fashion in a masculine-style suit. However, the suit needs to be a staple feature of butches’ wardrobes, which helps lesbians look sexy. There are several styles, fits, and colors available for this dress, but you should not miss the traditional black with a black tie.

If you like the rock star look, you can spice your dress with a Chain, Bandana, and Sunglasses. Also, the photographer can not resist taking your picture if you are in an oversized mustard jumper.

Lesbian Outfits for Couples

Couple lesbians try to assemble the matching dress to look as if they are made for each other. But they can also dress as husband and wife and boyfriend and girlfriend.

So, if one tries tomboy, another can wear femme dresses. Or, if you wear a formal coat and pants, your partner can come in a lace-up dress.


Online entrepreneur, writer and creative director. I have many (also Dutch, because I am actually Dutch) blogs, but this is my personal fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog. I like to play dress up & make me pretty. I love fashion and make-up
, mixing colors, styling, street art, etc. I am not an expert in both yet, but I’m on my way. But creating & caring are my second names.

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