Eight Tales Demystifying and Honoring Alternative Lesbian Life Styles

Realistic and determined women who take unique paths in search of satisfying relationships.


A Thin Warm Veil

Leigh and Megan became friends when Leigh was a victim of a brutal attack and left for dead in a deserted park but luckily Megan was walking her dog at the same time and found the bleeding girl and got help saving Leigh’s life.

Most Wanted

The FBI’s Most Wanted Criminal is a woman murderer known as the Spaniard who enjoys toying with her prey before doing away with them.

Hormonal Imbalance

Julie helps Marti adopt a kitten from the Animal Shelter and the two attractive women take more than a passing interest in each other.

Guaranteed Pleasure for All

Housemaid, Erica Van Doren with the help of a very wealthy benefactor parlayed the woman’s help into a successful highly specialized retreat for select women only.

Learning New Words

Very cute Suzie moved from Canada to attend college in the US. Her very strict Catholic upbringing has caused her a bit of difficulty fitting in with the other girls and she seeks help from one of her few friends for advice.

Destiny Dictates Everything

Danielle and Veronica have been in a long-term lesbian relationship but over time their careers begin to overshadow their love life and the two go their separate ways.

More than a Handful

Rachel and Katie meet at work and learn they share many similar interests. When Katie catches Rachel in a comprising position she forces Rachel to invite her over for drinks to explain the embarrassing situation.

Fast Learner

Debbie was a naïve girl, struggling with adulthood, and her sexuality when an older woman introduces her to a unique path via: The Mature Woman Blog.

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